How is the interference of laser head and spare parts handled in process designing of 5 axes Laser Cutting

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In the automatic process designing of 5 axes laser, when method of cut of automatic to load, laser head position is installed to be the normal direction of cut method commonly, show perpendicular way with cut face from beginning to end namely. But, in the certain and special place of the spare parts, for example angle is lesser inside round horn. Stimulate bareheaded and spare parts to interfere inevitable generation. Use the experience of software of SicubeLaser Cutting process designing according to the author, below this kind of circumstance, maintain laser head to be in absolutely the normal direction of cut foul line is impossible almost. If use,avoid the method that allow, make again the treatment of this part cannot be finished. If the angle of axis of the A of head of local change laser, B is in in corner, this brings about laser head to be absent normal position cut, but can achieve avoid the purpose that lets laser head collision. But, on outline of such a circular arc, connect regular meeting to dot of many process designing produces interference phenomenon, must undertake the modification of axis of A, B in dot of every process designing so. And, the angle of axis of the A that still needs to consider all process designing on whole circular arc to nod, B must be successive and flowing transfer. Because, if be between the process designing dot of photograph adjacent,the angle of axis of A, B has changed big, so in actual cut, while laser head undertakes old point of view rotates, be in only a very short distance (the likelihood has a few millimeter only, shorter even) go up mobile, bring about appear in this one area long the phenomenon that cut burns too, affect cut quality badly. The SiCube software of author application, discovery has a very convenient method to the processing of this kind of circumstance. Angle of axis of the A that the process designing after the process designing dot before needing to adjust interference only and interference nods, B, use software to have next " automatic axis interpolation " computational function, software will be automatic it is angle of initiative, end to undertake interpolation is calculated automatically with angle of axis of the 2 o'clock A that already installed, B, assure to make the same score glide to cross continuously between 2 o'clock. Solved not only from this avoid the problem that invite, and what can assure cut is successional. CNC Milling