Use the plastic gear case of the tool with Wu Dian

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Percussion drill uses the double casing construction that includes casing of magnesian structure of a casting on drive-box tradition, assure the high accuracy that its need through machining. Recently, the percussion drill that get Wei passes the Ultradur of use Basifu®B4300 G6 PBT, not only add up to two casing 2 for one, more came true need not high accuracy that after machines shapes. The product uses first of Wu Dewei percussion drill plastic gear case. As Stanley Black&Below division of Decker group company one, dynamoelectric tool develops global major and manufacturer United States gets Wei company (DeWALT) stock distributes in made new-style percussion drill a plastic box, this model material or blank bin is a kind of combination, hold electric machinery and gear wheel with Wu Feng. What what use is plastic the Ultradur that is Ba Sifu company®B4300 G6. The shopkeeper of company of You Dewei of this kind of new-style and dynamoelectric tool at rolled out in Switzerland June. Product structure and interior of function implementation electric drill used this kind of new-style and complex part to replace original two independent casing, among them a gear case that makes to use Die Casting magnesium before. New-style and plastic box installs electric machinery and gear and catenary transmission system with Wu Feng, its dimension must extremely essence of life is accurate, make sure each gear axis is mutual and parallel, although be in,high temperature also should hold this kind of position below working requirement. The PBT of Ba Sifu company (get together to benzene ester of Ding Er of 2 formic acid) Ultradur®B4300 G6 can achieve its stiffness and dimension stability demand, although be in damp environment not exceptional also. This are plastic have better liquidity, structure of Yi Wucheng insert, with metal box body photograph comparing can reduce the weight of percussion drill. This is to get Wei company to apply a circumstance to use PBT in this kind first. Applied effect gets department of Wei company professional project (De Sitai of Yi of Wei Wude country because) explanation of project manager Reimund Becht says, ultradur® is plastic the traditional advantage that has this kind of stuff: "The metal with additional purify can simplify inventory and rear service job, crucial function is integrated at the same time (if card is buckled,secure) omited screw, shortened assemble time. In addition, need cutting whorl no longer, reduced component cost thereby. Because plastic point-device, with the metal different, its do not need to have machine treatment afresh. " in addition, still but leave out electric machinery is movable the insulating material of frontal dispatches from foreign news agency of the component, make whole structure more compact. Most after, far actor of this plastic sound insulation effect is belonged to at gold, and the life that the service life of Injection Mold Tooling wants to compare pattern of magnesian Die Casting is a lot of longer. The company that get Wei the project that in its the other and special situation of new-style electric drill also used Ba Sifu firm is plastic. The carbon fiber of Ba Sifu company enhances polyamide Ultramid®A3WC4 is used at create extremely strong join staff, force plunger and crankshaft annulus be together repeatedly. The outer casing component of yellow and black attacks Ultramid by Gao Naichong®B3ZG6 is made, and be heated wants near electric machinery and with motion osculatory component by Ultramid®A3EG6 or Ultramid®A3EG7 is made. The company that get Wei is in its Usti/Trmice (Czech republic) the plastic part that him factory makes this kind of new-style percussion drill use. CNC Milling