Industrial robot is casting the application of the industry

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In casting production, industrial robot besides can replace a person to work in high temperature, pollution and dangerous environment, still can improve work efficiency, improve product precision and quality, reduce cost, reduce waste, can obtain agile and abiding high-speed produces flow. One interest is special general of science and technology foundry technology, cast robot of equipment, industry organic union, ceaseless research and development casts the project application of the domain, already enclothed Die Casting, gravity to cast, cast burnish and sand mold are cast wait for each domains, basically involve make core, model, clear, in the working procedure such as burnish, have a change of luck and code battlements. 1, what gravity casts gravity to cast a tradition is pouring mode is artificial spoon fluid extraction aluminium is pouring, temperature is high, carry intensity big, especially big cast needs spoon twice to take aluminous fluid pouring. This mode can accept the restriction of physical ability because of jockey, cause pouring craft stability is poor, cast product quality to fluctuate from time to tome. Not only manpower be unable to stand, quality also suffers an effect. And use industry robot is pouring, by the robot pouring managing software automata robot undertakes by the foundry technology of set, product repeatability is consistent, improved product quality greatly, liberated labour force. 2, Die Casting machine takes a Die Casting workshop working temperature is high, labor strength is great, use a robot to replace take artificially drench with gush exercise, can improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce pair of artificial dependence, more and more Die Casting factories begin to use a robot to be in Die Casting link. 3, the robot makes production of cast of housing tradition fusible pattern disappear mediumly moulding carapace link, general by finish artificially touch arenaceous exercise of oar and Fu, partial wax-pattern touchs the weight after oar Fu is arenaceous heavier, a few kilograms some hefting, labor strength is greater, and precision of industrial robot motion is tall, laden quality is great, can replace undertake touching arenaceous exercise of oar and Fu artificially 4, artificial burnish is faced with cast burnish polish at present consistency of abominable, character differs working environment, manufacturing efficiency is low a series of predicament, and photograph comparing is artificial, robot burnish has tall danger environment to replace artificial, assure product consistency, reduce worker technology requirement, reduce worker amount, production efficiency is advanced a series of advantages. Accordingly, at present the robot is developing quickly in this one domain. Industrial robot has improvement in casting production work requirement, managing labour force, reduce percent defective and product cost, improve productivity and product quality, accelerate a product to change, and reduce equipment loss, resource conservation, the characteristic such as clean production. Because this rises,cast level of automation of course of study, strengthen the industrial robot application in casting industry, realize clean production thereby, increase enterprise benefit. Changzhou one interest is special the experience that limited company of robot science and technology is casting industry robot to apply a respect to have maturity and technology, it is to cast an enterprise to realize machine substitution, the puissant partner that intelligence produces. CNC Milling