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Advanced production technology: The production technology before World War II ends, can a general designation is traditional production technique, after World War II ends, since entering below 20 centuries half part of a historical period, because each each countries, areas admit economy and the need that increase strong national defense, what also compete as a result of acuteness market is exciting, the achievement of science and technology that rises traditional production technique and new development in succession is united in wedlock, developed advanced production technology. These facilitating the achievement of burgeoning science and technology of the birth of the production technology of new generation and development basically includes: -- IT and microelectronics technology, computer technology; -- automation and automata technology; -- artificial intelligence technology; -- contemporary design theory and technology; -- the new technology of material treatment, figuration; -- modern management science and technology. Rise quite with traditional production technique, contemporary and advanced production technology with its efficient, high quality is mixed main to answering ability of vicissitude of the market to be quickly feature. Today, advanced production technology is the element of main compose cause of formation of productivity, it is the important pillar of national economy. It is loading the main job that for national economy each course of departmental door and science and technology offer equipment, tool and testing instrument, become national economy and science and technology to Lai Yisheng is put and develop " make can technology " . Especially a few sophisticated science and technology, wait technical occurrence and development a moment like biology of aviation, spaceflight, microelectronics, photoelectron, laser, element and nuclear energy, if do not have advanced production technology to serve as a foundation, it is far from likely. Of collateral project fictitious make: The foresight that makes products plan has height or preventive technology are alleged " collateral design " or " collateral project " (ConcurrentEngineering, abbreviation CE) . Collateral project: The essence of collateral project is the design phase in the product with respect to adequately forecast this product is in make, assemble, sale, use, after service and discard as useless, reclaim in waiting for link " expression " , discover the problem that exists possibly, undertake in time modification with optimize. Fictitious make: Fictitious make (Virtualmanufacturing, also interpret is made " draft solid make " ) , it is virtual reality (Virtualreality) technology (also interpret is made " unreal is true " technology or " clever condition " technology) the application in make. Virtual reality technology is have the aid of the technology reachs the acoustic image at multimedia computer to pass feeling technology advancedly, dummy a kind of setting, to the person with be personally on the scene " true " experience. Fictitious making is actually " the plant opens inside the computer " , it is emulated with the computer, intelligent inference and forecast for the foundation, with true product model and craft information, drive is fictitious " production equipment " , "Machine " piece fictitious, however of reality of press close to " product " , pass advanced pass feeling technology and acoustic image technology (for example, special helmet and glove) , form advanced man-machine interface, thereby will " look so that see, feeling " fictitious " product " present the sense organ at the person, offer fictitious " consumption " process, " loss " process or " maintenance " process. Design automation and CAD: Today's design automation includes a CAD roughly (ComputerAidedDesign, abbreviation CAD) , computer assists production to plan (ComputerAidedProductionPlanning, automatic process designing of abbreviation CAPP) and CNC Machining (AutomaticProgramming, abbreviation AP) . Among them CAD belongs to products plan automation, and CAPP and AP belong to craft to design automation and CAD and auxiliary production unifinication (CAD/CAM) problem. Seed profit produces: (LeanProduction, abbreviation LP) is American Masschusetts Institute of Technology is in according to its " international car project " (InternationalMotorVehicleProgram, in abbreviation IMVP) research, be based on the research that produces kind to Japanese abundant cropland and summary, at the production pattern that raised 1990. The basic principle that seed profit produces can generalize for: With " person " for the center -- esteem person, develop the person's subjective activity adequately. Rise worker organization, collective ground is responsible to the product, once product line appears problem, every worker has authority to stop product line, in order to analyse a problem, solve a problem. With " simplify " for the method -- simplify the origanization construction of the enterprise, simplify the development process of the product, simplify the production process of component, simplify the structure of the product. Anyhow, simplify all needless job content, eliminate all waste. With " to the queen's taste " for ultimate goal -- ceaseless improvement, pursuit is perfect. The working procedure after with the percent of pass of 100% in the requirement in Feng Tian's production working procedure flowed once upon a time, and do not allow any intermediate annulus to cut working procedure of the line after unqualified product is flowed into absolutely. CIMS: CIMS (ComputerIntegratedManufacturingSystem, abbreviation CIMS) is the new generation below contemporary IT condition makes a system. What it assists production system with the computer is compositive, with sufficient, seasonable information communication or information share the design the enterprise, craft, production workshop and supply and marketing and management department are compositive an organic whole, make they are run harmoniously each other, in order to ensure the integral benefit of the enterprise, raise the competitive ability of the enterprise and viability. Make adroitly: (AgileManufacturing, abbreviation AM) : Those who point to is to make an enterprise can grasp market opportunity, recombine manufacturing system seasonable and dynamicly, inside the shortest time (compare with other industry posture) roll out to the market profitable, the user approbates, the product of high quality. With computer network this locality, of different ground, exotic even production enterprise or production resource (equipment, products plan or procedure) couplet becomes a whole, for common goal, have harmonious effort. If say, interior of enterprise of CIMS side overweight is departmental between the door, each link compositive with information communication, so, make a development reach an industry adroitly between compositive with information communication. Carry the business that computer network connection rises, be called " VirtualEnterprise " the interpret on some Chinese document is " dummy company " . Emulate make: The production system that imitates biologic to organize structure and operation pattern is called with production process " copy is unripe make " (BionicManufacturing) . People is in " copy is unripe make " in it is imitate nature not only, and be study and draw lessons from the constituent means that grasps inside their oneself and operation pattern. If say the mechanization of production process, automation is outspread human physical strength, intelligence is changed outspread human intelligence, so, "Copy is unripe make " the constituent structure that is outspread mankind oneself and developmental process. Green makes: Green is made is the contemporary production mode of influence of environment of a kind of integrated consideration and resource efficiency, its target is to make product from the design, make, carry, use discard as useless in the whole product lifecycle of processing, the influence to the environment (negative effect) the smallest, resource uses efficiency highest. Green is made is to be able to last development strategy is reflected mediumly in manufacturing industry, in other words, green makes be modern manufacturing industry can develop pattern continuously. Carry out what can expand the industrial structural adjustment of the strategy and manufacturing industry and business continuously to revitalize apparently with development it is inseparable. Superprecision: Solve certain sheet of production, the treatment of the part that is used at sophisticated science and technology. Accept rice technology: Member of a kind of market, atomic precision (accept rice, Yanami class) detect, treatment, pass feeling and control the systematic project at an organic whole. Shape quickly: Be become 2 dimension by three-dimensional changeover (software disperse changes) , arrive by 2 dimension again three-dimensional (material piles up) working process. PDM: (ProductDataManagement) is a center with the product, adopt computer network and database technique, produce the business all related to the product information in the process and process are compositive rise the technology that has administrative. Graph documentation manages: Use management and product the process of relevant data. A series of data of the generation in including to run the final data that the product forms and the course that forming. Main function is as follows: ① has the product data of the enterprise the functional ② of classification, file provides a variety of inquiry functions, with the means that browse, inquire the documentation of need OK and expediently, quickly. ③ undertakes according to all sorts of attribute of graph documentation statistic is mixed the forms for reporting statistics that print. ④ has CD storage and backup government to file data. ⑤ can run a variety of software such as AutoCAD, UG, Solidedge, I_deas, PRO_E, Protel. ⑥ can visit a database remotely. Graph documentation is browsed on INTERNET. Working flow manages: Most project can have flow of a work in executive process, and corresponding working job can produce proper documentation again, documentation is in from do not have have, the file till finally should experience a few measure in the process, wait like design, examine and verify, this kind of documentation calls working flow from a series of measure that establish file. Module of working flow management is main the function is as follows: ① offers editor of working flow pattern plate, facilitate different company makes working circuit in the light of documentation of of all kinds graph, if general assembly pursues kind working flow can define for: Design → proofreads → of countersign of → of → examine and verify to approve pattern plate of flow of graph documentation work to be equivalent to the technical standard of level of a kind of company, encounter the graph documentation that is the same as a type to design a project to want to follow this technological process in the future. In ② work flow, want to record graph documentation to move toward a record from the every time when founding, allow flow to jump turn carry out, if the working flow of crankshaft blueprint is: Design → proofreads 4 measure such as put in storage of → of → examine and verify. When engineering design personnel finishs a design to work, refer blueprint paper documentation, after press-corrector checks, refer examine and verify of personnel of examine and verify, examine and verify opens file of the put in storage after passing, in proofreading process of examine and verify, personnel of any school confrontation nucleus can deny, submit school careful information design personnel, ask to press original work to flow undertakes or be returned along former method afresh. The application software in ③ work flow, recessive configuration at PDM system, to different type graph documentation arouses different applied tool automatically. The execution of the task in ④ work flow, have automatic clew and artificial communication through mail means, strengthen the mutual cooperation of the user in project group. ⑤ can have version government. The product configures management: the structural information of the product, with the graph documentation information of the product union rises the system that has administrative. Main function is as follows: The form that ① cultivates with product structure runs the structural message of the product, the graph documentation such as archives of graph of the product blueprint that each node deposits, assignment certificate, tool, facilitate the user of different level is visited quickly. ② product structure cultivates content of column of detail of the spare parts in can pursueing according to product or subassembly directly to arise automatically, can use " track down by following clues " means, chase after column of graph of subassembly of new moon multistage, detail, produce product structure to cultivate. ③ BOM collects general function, OK and automatic collect gives all sorts of blueprint detailed list, classified collect detailed account, material uses up norm, man-hour norm, from inside product BOM watch generation craft course expresses medium basic message; Can edit craft course watch and of all kinds summary table conveniently; Can express the classified detailed list that generation and craft course concern by craft course norm. ④ the enterprise to facing order, can make one class part first, build diagnostic warehouse, again according to contract order, select one class part from inside the library, configuration forms product structure tree. Attributive management: Operate attributive with what will control an user, and be restricted to the visit of graph documentation and access. Basically have the following function: The information of all graph documentation related ① general and product maintains existence database. ② can undertake much chance backs up each other. ③ carries NT operating system password, PDM user code and database code documentation of ternary control and user, graph and operation attributive (copy, delete, revise etc) multidimensional attributive structure, ensure data is safe. ④ can belong to organization and functionary trends to allocate attributive according to place. ⑤ can allocate attributive according to project trends. BOM: Call stock detailed list, it is the spare parts watch of a kind of structuralization that describes assembly parts, include among them all child the detailed list of assembly parts, spare parts, raw material, and the amount that makes an assembly parts place want stock, wait like man-hour, material, equipment, tool, workshop. Main function is as follows: ① from information of the collect in CAD, generate self-restrained, watch of course of the detailed list such as bought-in component, standard component, craft. ② from information of the collect in CAPP, the of all kinds detailed list that makes tool place need, material uses up the information such as norm of detailed list, man-hour. ③ can undertake according to the content of craft course the task allocates automatically. ERP: (Enterpriseresourceplan) company natural resources plans. MRP: Stock demand plans (MaterialRequirementPlanning) abbreviation. MRP is the computer that one kind manages inventory and produces plan to plan union to be an organic whole auxiliary production plans to run a system. It is a target with reducing stocks, the goods and materials that offers contented production as a whole to plan need for manufacturing industry controller supplies an instrument. MRPII: Production resource plans (ManufacturingResourcePlanning) abbreviation. It is in stock demand plans (MRP) the development on the foundation rises. It weaves the manufacturing schedule plan of product and component, stock purchases a plan not only, and if fund of sales revenue, stock occupies dosage and product cost to wait,still can obtain all sorts of financial information from the system directly. It is a management information system that covers an enterprise to produce resource entirely. SCM: Supply catenary government (SupplyChainManagement) abbreviation. Supply catenary to sell the link composition such as network, client by supplier, production factory, cent. Supplying catenary government is go up to supplying chain " content flows " , " capital flows " , " iformation flow " , still have " appreciation flows " and " the job flows " management. CRM: Client relation manages (CustomerRelationManagement) abbreviation. Automation improves the commercial flow that with management sale, sale, client serves and the client relation of the domain such as support concerns. Client general situation is analysed (Profiling) the arrangement that includes a client, risk, hobby, habit; 7P: Client faithfulness spends an analysis (Persistency) show the client is right the true extent of a certain product or business organization, endurance, fluctuant circumstance; Client profit is analysed (Profitability) profit of the brim profit of the product that shows different client place is consumed, gross profit forehead, net; Client function is analysed (Performance) the sale that the product that shows different client place is consumed presses the index such as place of phyletic, channel, sale to differentiate; Client future is analysed (Prospecting) the prospective development trend that includes the case such as client amount, category, method that strives for a client; Client product is analysed (Product) include products plan, associated sex, supply catenary to wait; Client sales promotion is analysed (Promotion) the management that includes the sales promotion activity such as advertisement, conduct propaganda. This is CRM in so called "7P" . JIT: Punctual production (JustInTime) abbreviation. Be a kind in order to look board the administrative system that is core, it asks to decide what to produce according to market demand, when production, production how many. CNC Milling