A kind when use on lathe large inside aperture polish device

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Undertake on lathe length is 5000 ~ 6000mm, the diameter is &230 ~ 350mm inside aperture polish, exterior surface roughness asks to be in Ra1.

6mm is the following, material is the seamless steel tube of 1Cr18Ni9Ti. As a result of the aperture out of round of semifinished product, made the tool that shows like plan institute with respect to the design, in shorter time, inside lathe admiral aperture polish achieved a requirement. Splicing sleeve 1 with splicing sleeve 2 it is to use seamless steel tube to solder to be machined after flange and be become. The account that uses two check is to facilitate Kong An installs bearing inside, with bearing transmission shaft 1 with transmission shaft 2, rotate in order to prevent the axis with 3000 much long Mm to swing a turn in high speed. Transmission shaft 1 with transmission shaft 2, also be to use seamless steel tube to solder to axial head is machined and be become, such already makings of light, province, rotate to bend not easily in high speed again. The join of transmission shaft and transmission shaft and electric machinery, it is two single bond are covered. The power of electric machinery 1.

5kw, rotate speed is 940r/min, can make the speed of emery cloth annulus is achieved so make an appointment with 10m/s. The granuality of page annulus abrasive is 36# ~ 46# . This tool is secured by bracket, can adjust it extend length, secure next go up in stage of lathe square knife, receive power source to be able to undertake polishing to the aperture inside workpiece. When polishing, workpiece one aspect of the matter is placed on lathe chuck, another end wears bearing with the center. Workpiece rotate speed is N=10 ~ 20r/min, fore-and-aft feed is F=0.

5 ~ 1mm/r. Procrastinate in shift board make page wheel load to surface of the aperture inside workpiece, , walk along a knife to undertake polishing instead. Because workpiece is long, the arm of polishing device is short, after the aperture inside polishing workpiece half, install workpiece tune again, the aperture inside polishing other in part. This tool extends long arm to grow can amount to 3000mm, as a result of splicing sleeve bearing, after receiving electrify source, adjust vibration basically is not had when rotating. As a result of polishing page annulus is soft, and bouncy, when working so very smooth also. Of afore-mentioned dimension and requirement inside aperture surface, but two or so achieve, the operation is very safe, convenient. CNC Milling