Removing Chrome Plating: An Insight into CNC Machining(removing chrome from wheels Irma)

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Chrome plating is a popular surface finishing technique due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance and corrosion resistance. However, there may arise situations when the removal of chrome plating becomes necessary. This article provides valuable insights into how CNC machining can effectively remove chrome plating while preserving the integrity of the underlying material.

Understanding Chrome Plating Removal

Chrome plating removal involves eliminating the thin layer of chromium deposited onto the surface of an object. This process requires precision and expertise to avoid damaging the base material. One effective method for removing chrome plating is by utilizing advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining techniques.

CNC Machining Explained

CNC machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes computerized controls to operate machine tools automatically. The process involves turning raw materials, such as metals, plastics, or wood, into finished products following precise specifications. With the aid of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, engineers program machines to perform highly accurate operations for tasks like cutting, drilling, shaping, and polishing.

Advantages of CNC Machining for Chrome Plating Removal

1. Precision and Accuracy:
CNC machines are capable of performing intricate movements with exceptional accuracy, resulting in precise removal of chrome plating down to micrometer levels. The use of automated computer controls ensures consistent results without human error.

2. Time and Cost Efficiency:
Compared to manual methods, CNC machining offers faster and more efficient chrome plating removal processes. By streamlining production workflows and reducing labor requirements, it minimizes costs associated with both time and manpower.

3. Versatility:
CNC machines provide versatility in handling various geometries, sizes, and complexities of objects requiring chrome plating removal. From large components to small intricate parts, CNC machining can adapt to different specifications, making it ideal for diverse industries.

Process of Chrome Plating Removal through CNC Machining

Step 1: Planning and Analysis
Before commencing the chrome plating removal, an in-depth evaluation is essential. Engineers assess the base material to determine its composition, physical properties, and structural integrity. This analysis helps identify the appropriate CNC machining tools and techniques required for efficient removal while safeguarding the underlying material.

Step 2: Preparation
Preparation involves thoroughly cleaning the object's surface to remove any contaminants or debris that could interfere with the machining process. Additionally, inspecting the initial layer of chromium assists in determining the appropriate level of cutting depth required for complete removal.

Step 3: Programming
Skilled engineers program the CNC machine using CAD software, inputting precise instructions based on the planned removal strategy. These instructions guide the automated machining process to accomplish the desired outcome efficiently.

Step 4: Chrome Plating Removal
Based on the programming, the CNC machine then proceeds with the removal phase. Cutting tools, such as end mills or drills, accurately cut through the thin chrome plating layer without damaging the base material beneath. The removal process typically occurs in multiple passes, each adjusting the cutting depth until all chrome plating has been eradicated.

Step 5: Post-Process Finishing
Once the chrome plating has successfully been removed from the object's surface, post-process finishing ensures a smooth, polished appearance, if necessary. Additional refinements can be performed to restore the surface finish to its original state or prepare it for subsequent treatments like re-plating or coating.


CNC machining presents an advanced and effective solution for removing unwanted chrome plating while preserving the integrity of the base material. Its precision, versatility, and time efficiency make it the ideal choice for complex chrome plating removal tasks. By leveraging CNC machining techniques, industries can reliably and cost-effectively address chrome plating removal needs, opening doors to innovative applications across various sectors. CNC Milling