The windlass with domestic the biggest tonnage develops a success in the city that be like Gao

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Recently, the windlass with the biggest tonnage of 6 whole nation that by Nantong limited company of force power machinery produces sends past Shandong Qingdao. These 6 windlass are the windlass with domestic the at present biggest tonnage, its coil raise ability achieves 65 tons, self-prossessed 57. 5 tons, 608 centimeters long, 518 centimeters wide, 350 centimeters tall, place distribution motive is 160 kilowatt, place amounts to 50 millimeter with steel rope diameter. Limited company of machinery of concerted effort power is research and development of a market south, make, the production of sale, service at an organic whole the professional corporation of windlass and winch, it is ability of domestic research and development the windlass with the largest amount of most, produce and sale and winch manufacture variety of the strongest, production one of enterprises, it is to build an unit of member of construction machinery guild. The company has a worker more than 400, have personnel of title of medium, advanced technology to have many 40, have stronger scientific research actual strength. The company is big bridge of Shanghai the East China Sea, Nanjing the Yangtse River early or late 3 bridges, benefit raise big bridge and in the Su Tong that build day of big bridge of the Yangtse River of dam of vegetable garden of big bridge of bay of big bridge of bay of big bridge, Hangzhou, Zhan Jiang, Chongqing, Wuhan is promoted continent big bridge large; For Zhejiang Peng Cheng power plant reachs tung cypress power plant, Jiangsu Changshu power plant, Xuzhou China can wait for large power project; For home much home is famous bridge the big, medium-sized windlass that form a complete set of company of engine production company, shipping production company, mining industry produced a variety of norms, model and winch. Its high grade product, the service of sincere letter got the accord of user unit speaks favorably of. CNC Milling