Complex the simple and easy solution of lathe of much axis treatment

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The automation that GF AgieCharmilles company offers machines unit to use robot of industry of completely compositive type, can hold discharge work on machining center automatically, while system of 8070 numerical control still is improving manufacturing efficiency, its assure the treatment precision of the spare parts, become complex the solution that lathe of much axis treatment uses easily simply. The treatment that GF AgieCharmilles company designs is unit, deserve to have system of robot of a Funac, this system can be measured in knife library, machine tool and CMM coordinate machine detect move back and forth between the area. The spare parts that machines when need is sent after machining an area, measure by a common CMM coordinate above all machine explore its position and way, know by robot of compositive type industry next take these data, send them with machine tool connective 4 claw are mixed on two ungual chuck. According to the different situation of the project, can pass measure technology and other and auxiliary craft, complement further and perfect whole production technology. Any series products that can configure GF AgieCharmilles company to be offerred for automation system place in automation treatment unit. To satisfy the specific requirement that the client raises to the project, this treatment unit can make the manufacturer finishs the treatment job of bigger batch with higher quality level, the bad influence that because worker quality drops ceaselessly,also can offset place is caused at the same time. New control system the solution that this is a for high-powered application domain special design, and system of numerical control of Fagor 8070 ETX CNC builds the Windows operating system that passes industrial solidify in over, move on the platform of software of an embedded XP, can open type construction system truly for thereby (Open Architecture System) blend in many online software configuration. Operating system of 8070 numerical control in addition, system of 8070 numerical control uses solid state hard disk to make, because this can assure its,can be with highest dependability below harsh industrial ambient conditions the job. This operating system contains FBWF (be based on a file receive a filter) characteristic, can access for the data of hard disk provide protection, prevent system of 8070 CNC numerical control to be mixed by virus force to stop the influence of machine and software blame to lead sexual installation. Its design a characteristic to suit to be mixed with motor of digital servo, high speed linear and rotate high accuracy feedback is unified case use, because the servo function of this machine tool will be OK,optimize at any time. In addition, system of 8070 CNC numerical control offers the distinguishing feature that serves as a standard true 5 axes to machine compensation (RTCP is compensated) . While system of 8070 CNC numerical control is improving productivity, still can make the spare parts retains tall treatment precision and bright and clean spend a level, optimize a processing time (under 0.

5ms) and use advanced high speed module to analyse cutting tool way beforehand, make thereby of the spare parts bright and clean degree reach top level. Because will forecast a gender to control characteristic application to be machined at every,quicken control the most effectively of the operation, the transition of cutting tool method will become pliabler and pliabler. Filter of the interpolation after using can make mechanical stress reduces lowermost level further, eliminate the syntonic frequency that shares with high speed machine tool. The part with can obtain more flowing machining spare parts, better so is bright and clean spend and longer service life. Be carried out in system of numerical control of 8070 ETX CNC and use at handling the solution of CAD/CAM generating program, transfer by spline and multinomial and the partial combination such as the NURB format specification that CAD/CAM uses is formed. All all these conduce to the goal that achieves tall feed to lead treatment, can maintain each to machine the precision that geometrical appearance place asks again at the same time, and still will assure economic executive time. System of more simple and easy numerical control of solution 8070 CNC has DINDIST distinguishing feature, because this allow is allowable,4 independent executive channel control 28 axes respectively. Because used DINDIST function, the treatment operation in carrying out each independence channel likely namely allocates much axis lathe to go up. Right " onefold " turn the treatment operation of the tower undertakes simple process designing, can allocate treatment operation automatically turn in the tower, do not need to pass operator / process designing member computation, make 8070 systems are become thereby complex the solution with the simplest lathe of much axis treatment. CNC Milling