Robot of 6 axes industry controls shallow analyse means and characteristic

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Industrial robot is the much more articulatory manipulator that faces industrial domain or the machine unit that many freedom spends, it can carry out the job automatically, it is to rely on oneself motivation and a kind of machine that control ability to realize all sorts of functions. It can accept human direct, also can move according to the program that weaves beforehand, the principle program that contemporary industrial robot still can establish according to artificial intelligence technology acts. The full control of robot of 6 axes industry is finished by a microcomputer. Another kind is dispersive type control, use much station personal computer to partake namely the control of the robot, if should be used,go up, when personal computer of below two class finishs the control of the robot jointly, lead plane is commonly used the management at be in charge of a system, communication, kinematic with kinetic computation, send instruction information; to regard as to inferior personal computer inferior from machine, each joint parts corresponding a CPU, undertake interpolation operation and servo control processing, implementation is given motion, feedback to lead plane information. What ask according to exercise task is different, the control means of the robot can divide control of the position control that it is a dot, successive contrail and power control again. The characteristic of robot of 6 axes industry basically has the following sides: 1) but process designing: Robot of 6 axes industry is the biggest the characteristic is flexible start change, flexible one of production system main component. Industrial robot but change of therewith work environment and the change that add workpiece undertake again process designing, agree with small lot much breed is had balanced efficient flexible the application of production product line. 2) personate: Robot of 6 axes industry combines the characteristic of robot and person. Walk in what there is similar person on the structure of robot of 6 axes industry, the waist turns, the part such as big arm, small arm, artifice, paw, there is computer on control. Its sensor raised industrial robot to surroundings get used to ability oneself. 3) versatility: Better versatility is had when robot of 6 axes industry is carrying out different exercise job commonly. Also have appropriative industry robot of course. 4) Electromechanical unifinication: Robot of 6 axes industry is mechanistic the union with microelectronics - Electromechanical unifinication technology. Industrial robot has all sorts of sensor to be able to get external environment information, and still have ability of memorial capacity, language savvy, pattern recognition, inference to judge the artificial intelligence such as ability, these are the application of microelectronics technology, especially closely related the application of computer technology. The design of research and development of robot of industry of 6 axes joint and make the history that has had several 10 years, the research and development of whole industry robot makes a system relatively perfect, manufacturer of each research and development can be imitated each other in mutual competition, improvement, ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. Bo Lisi insists to throw research and development, production for years equipment of of all kinds automation, include among them: Robot of industry of manipulator of industry of robot of industry of manipulator of numerical control lathe, fluctuation makings manipulator, machine tool manipulator, punch manipulator, 6 axes, 4 axes, much axis. Come for years ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, the automation equipment that research and development produces helped a lot of enterprises solve manufacturing difficult problem, get a business fully love. CNC Milling