Make full use of high speed processing technique

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As cutting tool (numerical control) , the development of milling machine and application software, high speed processing technique specializes in cutting tool to make in those, prototype is made and reality already was become in the enterprise of respect of application of other and accurate treatment, this rose to urge action tremendously to the successful development of the enterprise. High speed is machined (HSM) the company that the technology is helping the whole world improves productivity, reduce cost. This kind of software can produce the effect of high speed equipment adequately, protect its to escape damage bad, decrease to wear away and simplify cutter track design, because this even if is common,the user also can be benefited from which. It also can help an enterprise develop new product quickly, transform heavy industry product, thereby rapid and occupational market. Headquarters is located in England forging bannerly large die manufacturer thanks industry company of pattern of phenanthrene Er heart is a such example. "To forginging for the enterprise, the attaint of the mould is very terrible, " the say of father Mr Andy Farmer of company of heart of Er thanking phenanthrene, "Forging the enterprise uses large, mixed pattern, breakdown of a mould is interrupted with respect to what can bring about punch process. Each hours break the loss that will bring thousands of dollar to the enterprise. We can finish pair of attaint cutting tool successfully inside a week again cut, perhaps found a new cutting tool. But be in other company, this process should spend 6~8 week time, this among them key depended on us using high speed processing technique in the rough machining of the mould and finish machining process. " the precursor that company of heart of Er thanking phenanthrene is application of high speed treatment. The success of this company appears it seems that not needing the slightest effort, and originate in fact pair of necessary cutting tool and method, and the comprehensive understanding of the advantage to them and limitation. The characteristic of speed, feed and processing technique of cutting tool high speed is main shaft speed for 10 000~40 000r/min, feed speed can achieve 10~20m/min, cut deepness is relatively lesser. The metal with the purify that it often applies at important material or processing extremely strong hardness. Its apply limits to make component part from cutting tool of car mould, punch and other large section to hard metal treatment, custom-built archetypal component, coxal, knee joint kind product of special medical treatment and project of special material research and development. Exceed high rate as a result of what place of high speed processing technique has, the device of avery kind of that uses in Cheng of convection of this kind of technology has very high demand. What the design of the component such as milling machine, cutting tool and clamping apparatus must achieve first-rate to make the same score stability and vibration is the smallest change, because exorbitant vibration can destroy exterior treatment, shorten the service life of cutting tool and other tool, can make tool or treatment discard as useless completely even. The creation of numerical control machine tool is to enhance treatment hardness is mixed raise cast to machine speed. To increase strength, can bear the heat of clamping apparatus expands, cutting tool is used solid inferior carbide of micron class granule is made. Arbor uses heat to cover craft to be balanced in order to come true the biggest change and wind resistance is the least change. To dominate the action that the system dictates software translate into is accurate, demand figure drive and measure a system to achieve highest accuracy and reduplicative accuracy directly. The feature of HSM software whether make full use of these component, promote flow thereby the biggest turn profit, will depend on the application of software of high speed treatment. To achieve this one goal, software of high speed treatment should be in the following 4 respects performance is superior: Optimize production stability, promotion the cutter track efficiency, biggest turn an operation function and increase to use a sex easily. 1.

Treatment of production stability high speed is considered as normally " high impact " treatment. Because speed is splitting, every time stops in new face the damage that the impact that causes causes cutting tool easily. Accordingly this software will decrease and soft the impact that changes cutting tool to get possibly below all circumstances. When deepness cutting undertakes in rough machining, this software should make cutting tool with screw type is not forthrightly perpendicular cut, perhaps should tilt according to exterior outline the ground is cut. In the shift that enters turning point to should control cutting tool carefully, and do not allow to enter short On-off shift in turning point. When mobile main shaft and treatment this software should make numerical control machine tool keeps constant and laden, and should know the position between flank of cutting cutting tool and mould cliff face, in order to avoid the vibration that accident contact produces. 2.

This software optimizes cutter track efficiency the function that cutter track designs is raising high speed to machined efficiency respect to act important role. For example, cutter track design should make cutting tool realizes the biggest cutting as far as possible, achieve in order to make time and cutting tool change the smallest change. Cutter track design should optimize cutter track course, make cutting tool contacts material more as far as possible thereby. "Fresh air cutting " the smallest change conduce to increase time of cutting tool cutting, cutting tool concussion maintains reduce cutting tool thereby in lowermost rate or insert wear away. In addition, this software still has a lot of other way to improve treatment efficiency, among them some are very wonderful. The last example is, must go up to arrive from shift of a surface when another surface in acute angle when the tool, to carry feed rate constant, this software should course of a curve can be established in sky, and won't cause abrupt " stop " and " start " . 3.

Data of operation function high-speed guides and all sorts of cutter track are algorithmic, satisfied high speed processing technique to ask to the function of software. Rock-bottom software framework must as far as possible efficient, in order to support " before look up sex " algorithmic, this kind of algorithmic function is powerful, can forecast the condition that cutting tool moves and changes not only, and still can withhold sufficient space for complex large project. This software should can support multi-line Cheng and collateral processing. At the same time it should can use what compress a technology effectively to obtain internal document the smallest change. 4.

Use sexual high speed easily to machine software should can offer quick menu and successive job to flow, make convention application simple and easy, do not need too much groom can master. But, it also should use an OK and relaxed apace to design cutter track, and should ensure this software will be carried out correctly according to the instruction, this is defended to unmanned value appear for treatment particularly important. The user passes a spreadsheet or other and exterior file defines a tool is to simplify a kind of means of the design; Another kind of means is use intelligence acquiescent means will finish complex cutting automatically. For example, undertake acceleration when cutting tool enters corner or decelerate. Still having a kind of kind is programmer through establishing rudimental model (Stock Model) the likelihood of all hour in observe the mould is machining a process configuration, undertake likely adjustment in rough machining and finish machining measure thereby. Finally, the dependability of cutter track itself and precision should the locomotive requirement that can satisfy a machine tool to undertake nightly and unmanned value defends a state to fall continuously. Pro/TOOLMAKER software in May 2007, PTC company bought headquarters to be located in NC Graphics limited company of England, in machining high speed software to join its Pro/ENGINEER range of products. NC Graphics company is the banner supplier of software of high speed treatment, its software namely present Pro/TOOLMAKER, be in all the time precede inside course of study position. Author of company of pattern of heart of Er thanking phenanthrene Mr Andy Farmer is one of developer of primitive application software. Participating in after founding this application software, he thanks company of pattern of phenanthrene Er heart at was being founded 2004, devote oneself to to extend special mould is made and transform the market. He states his achievement and software of treatment of Pro/TOOLMAKER high speed are inseparable. "We joined many intelligence function in this application software, " Mr Farmer expresses. application software of current high speed treatment, mr Farmer states a few software had Pro/TOOLMAKER similar efficient the function that founds cutter track. It is OK that different point depends on Pro/TOOLMAKER acquiesce produces these cutter track, and parameter is revised when other software asks the user is establishing a design. Mr Farmer says: "We complete all designs in the workshop, this and the company that great majority designs ministry and workshop depart are different. Have huge advantage so, when the certain place in because become,be being designed is incorrect, the workshop can be fast make response, undertake corrective, run afresh inside short time. Accordingly, programmer won't produce difference because of the accuracy of the design and handlers, avoided needless machine down time. Had handlers of class of Pro/TOOLMAKER machine tool to be in workshop class system can oneself amend accuracy. " the movement that the numerical control machine tool of Farmer can have 7 × 24h and job. He estimates, if do not use Pro/TOOLMAKER software, want to produce similar turnout to need to add machine tool of two numerical control and corresponding employee at least. Mr Farmer say: "We get a document from inside all sorts of CAD systems with IGES format normally, without doubt, pro/TOOLMAKER achieved the manufacturing result that user place expects well and truly. " this kind company is discovering company of pattern of heart of Er thanking phenanthrene ceaselessly such high intelligence changes high speed treatment and Pro/TOOLMAKER the enormous competition advantage that software place brings. This kind of software enlarged the advantage of high speed hardware, protect its to escape damage bad, decrease to wear away and simplify cutter track design, because of although this is common user also can from which benefit. No matter high speed processing technique is arrive from the design in the product development lifecycle of the component, in still be won in help manufacturer and holding competitive dominant position, acted an important role. CNC Milling