CAID changes industry to design

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20 centuries since 90 time, IT is flying competition of development, market is intense with each passing day, industrial product develops to direction of product of electron of Electromechanical unifinication, information by traditional mechanical product, its technology content rises greatly. In the meantime, consumptive idea of the society also produces change ceaselessly, the function of the product already was the mainest factor that consumer decides to buy no longer, the element such as sex of the innovation sex of the product, exterior modelling, individuation, environmental protection more and more be taken seriously, prominent position is held in competition. When trend of sex of the individuation of the product, innovation makes an enterprise be developed in proceed new product, the design that waits for project of modelling of the innovation sex that faces a product, exterior, man-machine mentions a new height, thereby the research that pressing also requirement designs to industry has farther breakthrough, in order to enhance level of company products plan and market competition ability. because such, the research that designs a domain to industry got gradually the attention of domestic and international scholar. Especially in last few years, as the change quickly of technology of computer soft hardware, the progressively development of the development of the technology such as computer graphics, CAD, multimedia, virtual reality and CAD/CAM application, modern industry designed the research of theory and method to have great progress. The computer assists industry to design (ComputerAidedIndustrialDesign, CAID) software technology already became CAD/CAM (CAD / make) , advanced produce the research heat with automation technology domain, this technology is affecting the development that industry designs deeply. The computer assists industry to design -- CAID, below the support that assists industry to design a system in the computer and its corresponding computer namely, undertake industry designs the activity of of all kinds creativity of the domain. It is pillar with computer software technology, it is the child of information age. Design photograph comparing with traditional industry, CAID makes the change that present industrial design level was designing each respect such as quality of process of method, design, design and efficiency to happen to pledge. The technology of connotation   CAID of CAID, it is an interior that the computer assists industry to design a system props up a technology. Because industrial design is an omnibus alternate sex course, involve field of a lot of course, consequently technology of auxiliary industry design also involved the computer CAD technology, artificial intelligence technology, multimedia technology, virtual reality technology, optimize the IT domain such as technology, ambiguous technology, ergonomics. Tell from broad sense, CAID is a branch of CAD, the method of a lot of CAD domains and technology can try to draw lessons from and cite, but the feature that CAID also has him. Innovation is the soul that industry designs, the product innovation that is a foundation with knowledge competes, it is the core that manufacturing industry of the whole world at the beginning of 21 centuries competes. A new product pledges in function, principle, layout, appearance, structure, man-machine, colour, material, the innovation of the either respect such as craft, the whole that can affect a product directly is characteristic, affect the final quality of the product and market competition ability. Current, the central point of a research that the research that waits about technology of design of product innovation principle, innovation already made field of CAD, CIMS. Innovation designs a be CAID research serious content, gain revolutionary headway on the research that innovation designs only, ability makes the research of CAID strides a higher chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Specific designing software and relevant technology level, the respect such as the applied research that the research of current domestic and international CAID basically assists the modelling technology, interactive technology in CAID, intelligence technology and burgeoning technology in the computer centrally -- one, the computer assists modelling technology to pass 20 old exploration, auxiliary modelling technology already developed the computer to be changed to diagnostic modelling and parameter, variable changes design phase, for hypostatic model to product model change levelled road. In the meantime, CIMS, collateral project, fictitious make the progress that waits for a design to create pattern, make product model must realize the information in complete lifecycle to share, the changeover of all sorts of model data and network are transmitted wait for a problem. Technologies of these auxiliary to the computer modelling raised taller requirement. The research that the computer assists modelling technology basically is in 4 respects: Technology of interface of design of free curved surface, draft design, man-machine, fictitious emulation technology. 2, what the technology of research man-machine project of interactive technology studies is truly arisen, and the history that organically has only number 10 years. Current, database of human body standard, three-dimensional mannequin and system of a few man-machine design, evaluate a system to already got applied extensively. In CAID technology domain, the research of interactive technology basically is reflected the respect waits with fictitious emulation technology in man-machine interface technology. 3, design of the research intelligence CAD of intelligent technology, intelligence already had quite the development of degree, compositive change intelligence to design a system (I2CAD) , the computer that can supply unifinication to design whole process supports. In industrial design, because this involves creativity to design thinking and frequent interactive, what need artificial intelligence technology especially is auxiliary. Current, the burgeoning technology such as network of virtual reality, nerve, genetic algorithm is the heat that broad scholar studies. Introduce these technologies CAID domain, be united in wedlock to optimize the technology such as design, ambiguous technology, intelligence technology traditionally, the research that will undertake CAID also gets gradually scholastic attention. 4, actively of CAID of   of shirt-sleeve new technology inducts all sorts of new technologies, basically include to run paralell in coordination technology, virtual reality technology. One of collateral design, development trends that be being designed in coordination is contemporary design. The domain is designed in industry, especially products plan, also must study the collateral design chime between each respect such as product function, principle, layout, configuration is the same as design mechanism. A few scholars the angle from collateral project, the design course that leaves to collateral environment and design strategy and the modelling design technology that face collateral project undertook be discussinged deep. Virtual reality technology also got likewise the attention of numerous scholar, they introduce VR technology the course such as appearance design, structure design, develop a few design systems that are based on VR to wait like 3-DRAW, JDCAD, COVIRDS. Green is designed (GreenDesign) it is the way of a product that gets attention quite currently. Compare with the photograph of class of other CAD technology such as building, machinery, the research progress of CAID technology is relatively slow, this goes up objectively basically is what design because of industry is omnibus with complexity. The issue of main and crucial technology that CAID exists can induce as follows: The research of contemporary design methodology; Innovation designs technical research; Law of ability of of all kinds innovation; Design the intelligent technology research in the process; Study the intelligence that faces industrial design supports a system; In designing a process, run paralell, in coordination; Complete lifecycle designs technical research; The interactive technology in designing a process considers to wait. Technical confluence leads the itself angle that changes to be designed from industry to look, wait for further progress of the technology as CAD, artificial intelligence, multimedia, virtual reality, the understanding that makes people deeper to designing a process to have necessarily, be sure to reach new state to designing the imitate of thinking. CAID will make industry is designed forward diversity, optimize, the way of unifinication develops, interactive way is more natural, the step that innovation devises is more advanced, significant. Look from whole products plan and production development climate, collateral design, cooperate with the design method such as design, intelligence design, fictitious design, nimble design, complete lifecycle design, represented the development way of mode of contemporary products plan. As further progress of the technology, products plan mode is on the foundation of informatization, inevitable face the move is digitlization, compositive change, the way that network, intelligence changes develops. The computer assists the development trend that the industry below designs, agree with afore-mentioned development trend photographs necessarily, prop up a model with establishing unified design finally. Current any country, if want to acquire advantage position on comprehensive national power, must gain an advantage on science and technology, should be in especially the innovation of product of new and high technology gains an advantage on design and development capacity. Otherwise, will live hard below powerful international competition pressure, develop hard. Develop way with what products plan designs for the modern industry of core, the whole that makes with products plan develops a trend to keep consistent, make contribution in following respects: In the creativity, exploration that invents a gender the gender is designed and innovation sex designs a respect, should make full use of new achievement of science and technology, develop the greatest potential of stylist, the design that does sth unconventional or unorthodox in order to come true innovates; The field uses in the high-tech that is a delegate with IT, should make full use of all sorts of burgeoning technologies, new-style material, new-style the sources of energy, link market demand, with realizing the world again " industrial great revolution " . CNC Milling