How to promote cutting manufacturing energy efficiency

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Energy cost goes high ceaselessly, use up through analysing the sources of energy of cutting equipment cutting tool with cutting working procedure, can decide can the specific method that effect promotes; In the meantime, optimize cutting tool and cutting working procedure to already was become among them a main starting point. Modern manufacturing industry and industry already cannot leave the sources of energy to use up. Expand ceaselessly as global population, promotion of standard of living and economy grow to wasting the sources of energy increasingly push to more height. However, the sources of energy such as coal, oil and biology fuel is in use suffer be restricted degree. In energy demand ceaseless bullish at the same time, numerous confine also arises gradually, what this caused energy cost is long-term go tall. Below such big setting, efficiency of manufacturing process energy becomes the technical impetus that will realize modern manufacturing industry henceforth. However, how can efficiency of cutting production energy just get specific promotion? How to find crucial method ability to conduce to promotion cutting can effect? If considers lubricant system inside machine tool specific power consumption, a variety of methods promote can effect, include: Be aimed at specific power consumption, optimize machine tool and its component. Nonproductive during dump, the oldest rate reduces machine run time. Optimize cutting working procedure and its place to use cutting tool (graph 1) . Choose gearshift pump to reduce CLS device specific power consumption normally, specific power consumption of manufacturing facilities oneself is equivalent to large-scale main cutting producing the 80%[1 of total specific power consumption, 2] . Specific power consumption of cooling and lubricant system occupies 50% above, and great majority specific power consumption comes from at department of machine tool, drive and hydraulic pressure. Choose the cooling lubricant that accords with a requirement (although use gearshift pump) , the sources of energy that can drop cooling and lubricant device first is used up. Result, specific power consumption of cooling and lubricant device but the under certain circumstance reduces 60%[3] . In this exemple, lubricate through optimizing refrigeration merely system, demand of energy of whole platform machine can drop 30% . Normally, cutting cutting tool advocate the 1/3 that working hours is total time only or fewer, run time of equipment the rest to wait time is mixed adjust change with cutting tool time [4] . From this, can reach two specific power consumption are relevant conclusion: Nonproductive during, should use reserve automatically administrative unit, cut off power source of component of secondary of high-energy bad news. Below certain circumstance, this kinds of measure but managing the machine tool total specific power consumption of 20% above [3] . Below most circumstance, buy only brand-new optimize energy-saving machine tool, ability realizes the energy-saving potential that article place narrates. Generally speaking, buy in replacement only when expiring, before value of this kinds of installation cost just appears a look. However, already had the machine tool with a large number of longer service life in view of Germany, accordingly, be necessary to use existing device, undertake optimizing to cutting tool and working procedure, then mining, play is energy-saving latent capacity. Optimize a respect as to cutting tool and working procedure, make conciously piece unlike the graph the structure of machine tool specific power consumption of 2 pursues. Next, all device press facility long-term or at any time be all set, undertake dividing door classify. What above load needs specific power consumption to return for equipment foundation the sources of energy. Entire plant institute needs the sources of energy to return related cooling and lubricant system for CLS the sources of energy. During treatment, the other energy resources besides the fundamental the sources of energy that lathe place requires calls treatment energy resources. Every afore-mentioned the sources of energy are multiplied with run time, can reach the total value of specific power consumption of every the sources of energy (place of facilities of treatment of treatment energy resources, CLS the sources of energy requires the sources of energy) . Finally, whole is optimized still should combine cutting cutting tool to make place require the sources of energy conciously, otherwise, user place requires optimal the sources of energy will as afoul as service life of cutty cutting tool, thereby, production cutting tool will waste a large number of the sources of energy. Choose easy cutting cutting tool to reduce treatment energy demand indeed, proportion of afore-mentioned 4 kinds of the sources of energy in energy total demand depend on greatly machine tool and treatment process. Nevertheless, treatment energy resources falls in most circumstance, under gross of 20% the sources of energy. If choose system of refrigeration of internal high tension, CLS the sources of energy will hold absolutely large proportion. Accordingly, reducing the one old apparent method that machines the sources of energy is to choose cutting tool of extremely easy cutting, be in thereby microcosmic reach macroscopical geometry parameter is more appropriate (horn of radius of small cutting blade, big cutting) , and coating attrition spends low premise to fall, can ensure cutting strength is relatively inferior. Use afore-mentioned methods, figuration cutting place needs the sources of energy and cutting strength to all can have drop considerably. After choosing broach of 9 sincere hard alloy to undertake to stainless steel fiducial bore checks, the cutting strength that discovers figuration cutting and place need the sources of energy to be below identical productivity, both differentia is as high as 24% unexpectedly (graph 3) . However, computation machines the sources of energy 24% potential and energy-saving hind, reach gross of treatment process the sources of energy drops only 3% ~ 4% (graph 4) . Above number consults the commonly used machining center that mass production wants car job measures an outcome (Alfing 2 main shaft) , and batch production, cutting tool is made with shape working procedure place needs further machining center measures an outcome. Nextpage equipment is busy case leaves the influence majority that runs pair of total the sources of energy, constant the cutting strength of productivity reduces pair of the sources of energy to use up only and slight influence. In treatment only the sources of energy takes total specific power consumption in working procedure of bigger proportional cutting (like thick cutting working procedure) , constant cutting strength is reduced to just can promote considerably below productivity can effect. Nevertheless, blade stability and need of working procedure security cause sufficient attention. With respect to specific power consumption character, cutting speed because feed speed inferior or feed deepness drops and reduce somewhat, but still did not achieve expect an end. Contrary, cutting strength because handling time is longer,can raise the sources of energy to ask. Normally, the fundamental the sources of energy that machines equipment to run place to need and necessary energy resources hold the larger proportion of total electric power and total the sources of energy. Reason this, equipment moves busy when, can cause bigger effect to total the sources of energy. So, main with secondary energy-saving processing should keep inferior as far as possible inside time. Improving productivity often is cutting optimizes a target. This domain has a series of significant step that reduce specific power consumption, graph 5 medium bore are among them. After cutting tool is optimized, main time was saved 70% , the energy demand inside main time was reduced 60% . The most significant change of parameter of cutting tool geometry is, oriented chamfer provides place of complete new clothes, prevent borer a place of strategic importance to be inside existing bore. In addition, cutting material and coating also change somewhat. Farther promotion productivity mixes productivity of limitation of cutting tool flutter can effect can accelerate feed rotate speed. During using much knife borer to have careful treatment, depend on workpiece reasonable geometry parameter, can choose the cutting tool that does not have long and thin space almost. Result, speed all has bit number and the feed that can achieve to increase considerably. Below a lot of circumstances, productivity of cutting working procedure accepts restriction of cutting tool flutter. Accordingly, cutting tool and main shaft power will be concessional taller productivity (feed rate is rapidder, and / or feed deepness is deeper) . However, be him vibration produces during avoiding flutter, feed speed and feed deepness beard are restricted somewhat. Here case falls, if reduce liability of cutting tool flutter, but bigger promotion productivity. Graph 6 optimize relevant give typical examples for two cutting tool. In right graph, different turn round horny razor blade to point to acting cutting tool. The result makes clear, less drive forms individual frequency, reduced flutter liability thereby, promoted cutting the volume. Graph 6 different pictures are parameter of geometry of cutting tool of milling of special big feed and contrast of traditional milling cutter to pursue. Commonly used Yu Dao provides these cutting tool production and shape process. Have the aid of is miniature axial sidelong feed and splitting feed speed, big feed milling is traversed and pass, cutting tool develops horny minimum. This explains, cutting tool radial load is lesser, axial power is greater. Hardness of cutting tool axial is strong, make strong axial power unchallenged. Cutting tool radial is softer, adjust angle lesser, can accelerate feed rate greatly, and, the face that be the same as annulus and cylindrical milling cutter photograph is compared, material purify speed can promote considerably. Use combination cutting tool but older rate is reduced effectively main with less important time. During large-scale batch produces machining center, constant allow Xu Re does a working procedure to choose same cutting tool. This explains on one hand, cutting tool changes time and specific power consumption already had related its reduce; On the other hand, at the same time at many o'clock processing also reduces main time greatly. Graph 7 for sketch map of this kinds of cutting tool, among them this cutting tool is integrated measure of 9 kinds of different treatment. Below certain state, cutting tool of this kind of combined-type is concessional also the treatment process that has different kind. Graph 7 right graphs are the cutting tool sketch map that is used at bore and round mill early or late. Choose existing equipment most but energy-saving 25% current, can the wide interest that effect already aroused numerous enterprise, assist an enterprise to reduce the sources of energy and totle drilling cost. Future, go up continuously as price of the sources of energy raise, more and more this one topic is right production for the enterprise, importance clearly. In machining manufacturing process, existence is numerous can effect promotes jumping-off place. Compress the common science and technology such as technology and illume as to pump machine, electromotor, air for, expend just little effort scarcely, can promote somewhat. Especially, when equipment brand-new when investment expires, equipment can appear tremendous and energy-saving latent capacity. This bit special apply to cooling and lubricant system, mechanical refrigeration and hydraulic pressure. Consideration lifecycle cost conduces to confirm use high technology managing and many energy resources. Orgnaization measure is decreasing nonproductive outside equipment run time, still can elevate production can effect. Nevertheless, consider machine tool service life is longer, so, hopeful improves the energy efficiency that existing equipment runs. Normally, during reducing manufacturing process main extremely as effective as less important time, this is in promotion can effect while, still can reduce facility cost. If consider machine tool specific power consumption (contain supply refrigeration lubricant and compress air inside) , energy-saving effect can amount to 25% above, cutting tool optimizes capital to need not be thrown too much. Eckehard Kalhöfer: Project doctor, domain of production of cutting of university of Alan application technology is presiding professor, phone: (0 73 61) 5 76-22 89, e-mail: Eckehard.


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