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Use electric spark is machined (EDM) production mould is new issue no longer. Actually, sunken model antrum is being machined on pattern plate is one of the earliest application of EDM. We are mentioned " strong auger " machine when can think of the sort of using electrode infiltrates the method that discharge of small high pressure of essence of life will come to to corrupt modular capable person is used in workpiece, this is one of main reasons. Ryer Industries company is located in the Temecula of California, the company used unit of a Ram EDM to make sunken model, this kind of mould is used at metallic inject to shape process. But the operation director that regards Ryer as the company, when Tom Shappie thinks to use EDM patternmaking when Ryer company, did not do any special businesses actually. He says, "We and professional pattern company are very similar, use EDM technology to machine sunken model antrum. " but, ryer company makes a respect have special place really in the mould, it has brand-new opinion to EDM. The inject pattern that these moulds are designing unlike model is used at production in that way plastic. Contrarily, these moulds are used at producing a metal, for example stainless steel and other alloy. Actually, the original intention that Ryer company founds is to study use metal inject shapes (MIM) all sorts of technologies, regard technology of sex of a kind of when produce kind optional choose as it. Technology of wh some of which is beneficial to EDM directly. For example, the factory can use MIM production to go out comfortable the material at mould pressing, this kind of material has superior performance, can use as EDM electrode, and can make EDM faster, more businesslike. Ryer company uses line cut in MIM. Line cut produces the low cost prototype of the spare parts for the company, use costly permanent mould finally to make these parts. Ryer company is being developed comfortable the material at mould pressing, in these material, the carbonization tungsten that has a few kinds of special order and degree can use MIM craft production only. These carbide are taller than the grade of component of some kind of cutting tool, among them a few want to grow 30 times than the life of the carbide of traditional production. The wear-resisting character with outstanding carbide makes the company begins to seek a method to improve EDM facility in important fragile. Involve the part of line cut equipment in the closest project. Be in Ryer company, EDM and MIM are promoted each other. The flexibility of EDM of Ryer company hang on and practical capacity. Wire EDM and RAM EDM often are together by union. Make a cake carbonado when making cake, mix a few kinds of ingredient together as carbonadoing, in putting mixture into boiler, put bowl into hot oven next. The composition through changing them or scale, a good chef can bake the cake that gives different sort. MIM process has a few likeness. The president Bob Sanford of Ryer company explains, MIM craft only then at careful bulbiform metal particle. These particle are mix by all sorts of thermoplastic adhesive and machine granulate, call raw material. This kind of raw material by infuse forming machine, like shaping just like plastic inject. In forming machine implement in, raw material is heated constant temperature, at this moment adhesive melts and metallic particle cannot melt. Below condition of this kind of slurry, raw material ability enters a mould in pressure chip in and caky. When adhesive is caky, the spare parts that has shaped breaks away from a mould, become " new " spare parts. Sanford thinks, eliminate of successive adhesive depart process major adhesive, remain be called " brown " part. Next, brown part controls the agglomeration inside the chamber of a stove or furnace in a temperature, use adhesive of microtherm purify remains above all, mix metallic powder frit together with high temperature next, the solid with made close-grained formation, with forginging metal similar. In agglomeration process, the spare parts has quite big systole, can amount to 25 % , the mould is so sure size is too large. However, the shrinkage of all dimension can be forecasted, when mould, shape, adhesive depart, agglomeration face already was set to time, whole process is coherent and but reduplicative. Can carry strict noncombatant duty. The spare parts after agglomeration is OK turning, eletroplate, polishing, burnish can have heat treatment even. Just like a chef can the gastronomy with different according to makes chocolate, white cake or pound cake is same, the engineer can be produced for MIM according to different recipe but mould pressing material. Under certain circumstance, become different metal frit pulverous, the engineer uses these compound powder to be able to be created give a kind of alloy, this kind of alloy is different from or the excel steelworks, alloy that casts factory production. Use MIM method to be able to produce the part of a soft magnetism material, low-alloy steel, stainless steel and other metal. Be the same as sample to get what carry is, the engineer uses these material to be able to produce a daedal figure, be close to finished product appearance, need a few rework or need not rework. Nextpage introduces mould of EDM metal mould and plastic injection mould to have difference. Shappie says, one of crucial differences depend on the runner of metallic mould mould and runner. These crucial part must devise the flow of the raw material after suiting to fuse, it and fused plastic flow are different. The metal notes modular process to include to written guarantee in the frit inside a special furnace cast. However, the actual construction of the mould and typical pattern are consistent. Through using pull rod and slide block, metallic mould mould can be made piece contain alternate aperture, bottom cutting and other are special complex form of the feature. Original, ryer company relies on other mould factory to offer the element of metallic mould mould. But the growth as company business, mould quantity increases, the company enhanced productivity of the mould inside the factory. In May 2002, the company acquires facility of the first EDM, from Lincolnshire of Charmilles Technologies (, yilinuoyi) buy the machine of a Ram that come and machine of a Wire. Ram (or " strong get " unit) it is Roboform 35 P, equipment of one Taichun CNC, it is one of Ram machine of newest generation. Wire unit is Robofil 240, also be one of newest medium-sized equipment, with immersion cut and other advanced means is characteristic. Ryer company produces two kinds of patterns. One kind is to be client mould " green " spare parts and the mould of the design. Another kind includes to create the pattern of simple appearance, can machine the prototype that is used at the test. One of characteristic of company of fast and archetypal Ryer are to produce hard alloy to shape model and punching model. The product includes to be used at equipment of fastener industry cold Dui, hot Dui shape mould, and high accuracy drift, long-range die. MIM craft has a few advantages in the process of mould of production hard alloy. One of, ryer company has developed hard alloy raw material, can produce a work that has property of exceedingly good wear-resisting. The recipe owns patent, however, sanford is attributed to so exceedingly good job character of the metallic particle that gets from inside raw material good mix. Another advantage is being made at the mould, when its when complete agglomeration, rework of very few need will finish. And wh some of which makes a carbide semifinished product that uses a convention be machined far from possibly perhaps very hard. Fast prototype makes the client can check and compare the carbonization tungsten of different grade, perhaps compare with traditional carbonization tungsten photograph. These experiments proved material of this kind of mould compares other carbide not only or HSS is admirable, and also optimize the carbide grade after choosing MIM to machine. The experiment also decided the shrinkage in agglomeration process. Appropriate dimension compensation gives out in understanding this shrinkage to be able to make the architect is designing permanent mould process. Produce these prototype with permanent mould too costly, take time, so Ryer company shapes with metallic inject the mould machines these prototype. A die can be used at producing the semifinished product of recipes of a lot of different raw material. These semifinished product and the semifinished product that those come out by production of mould of permanent type of production have the material character that be equal. The pattern that produces production semifinished product and construction are quite simple. But, ram EDM and Wire EDM equipment are used process semifinished product proper form in order to match finished product part. Ryer company developed hard alloy for fastener industry, it is extremely difficult that treatment of this kind of hard alloy rises, although to with processing hard data celebrated EDM also be a challenge. Machine hard alloy with EDM very difficult, because filter of the meeting in the process is machined to go in this,be cobaltic adhesive of the surface, make its fragile and produce micro-crack. The prototype that the machine of cut of Robofil 240 line of the factory uses at the test in production crucial effect had in the process. Accordingly, ryer company relies on hardness metal tool, this kind of tool is the one part of the power source of Roboform35P. This add function is to be EDM to machine hard metal only (for example hard alloy) and of the design. Substantially, the special circuitry of power source makes it can monitoring and adjust scintilla parameter high speed. The ideal of close quarters scintilla controls those who prevented carbide surface integrality to demote, and won't lengthen " combustion " time, electrode also won't excessive loss, but bring about geometrical appearance accuracy to reduce. The sort of permanent pattern that produces a tool to be used at production and the mould photograph of production semifinished product are compared, have more complex geometry form and stricter noncombatant duty. Ryer company created a such patterns recently, much antrum is compound mould, it can make two of same package different parts. The first part is the Y entity a powerful person that is a feature with 3 slip pull rod, need Wire EDM equipment to undertake machining. Another part is one uses the ventilated case that coordinates slide block end panel. The geometrical appearance of this slide block is be machined by Ram EDM equipment and become, equipment of this Ram EDM deployed the electrode that CNC milling machine produces. The mould job shops of Nextpage company is deployed good with benefit at machining electrode, also be helpful for an engineer evaluating the optimal method that gives crude manufactured goods. If pitch on EDM, they can design the electrode that production needs. According to appearance, amount and other factor, will use CNC milling or the method of EDM line cut machines electrode, sometimes union of photograph of two kinds of methods is used. Ryer company uses slide product line to rise CNC milling machine and Roboform 35P union. It is when the line when cut electrode, the workshop keeps definition with custom-built workpiece clamp system and ground connection billet. The key is the production of electrode, because the electrode of high quality can produce the part of a high quality. Improve Ram EDM to be in economic respect, because the metal injects,shaping mould production cost is a related to MIM process main factor, so Ryer company often seeks mould compose to build the taller efficiency in the operation, in the operation that includes EDM in those especially. One of has an outlook most projects that developing at present are a kind of when be based on MIM to machine process itself new electrode material. Place of Sanford of no less than says, because of Ryer company " understand tungsten " , the company develops tungsten alloy to regard EDM as electrode is a very natural thing. Cupreous tungsten, material of electrode be usinged as already a few years, clearly, this is tungsten uses as the beginning of electrode. On the tradition, cupreous tungsten is to pass infiltration of will pure in the chamber of a stove or furnace copper a kind of pure tungsten and into. Those who make a person regretful is, the material that makes from this is not completely consistent. Copper always cannot be spread all over equably dispersedly in tungsten, cannot say or state with certainty so whether can it make electrode use, what because electric spark discharges,the circumstance can follow cupreous content of the surface is different and change. At the same time cupreous tungsten is machined harder than other electrode material also. MIM treatment process puts forward to understand in the light of these two difficulty definitely plan. Because MIM raw material can mix completely,be mixture of a kind of particle, they produce height to unite after adhesive is detached with coessential grain structure, copper and tungsten distributing equably. This kind of oneness promoted the stability of EDM equipment. Same, because material can shape,be complex form, can reduce milling of quite a few, turning or grinding so. And, the conductibility with consistent material conduces to have EDM line cut. Current, ryer company is testing all sorts of recipes of cupreous tungsten raw material. The cupreous tungsten electrode that Sanford thinks MIM is produced will show a faster material cutting performance and the power set with lower demand. The advantage included to reduce EDM handling time and the appearance with be had better bright and clean degree, maintain the pinpoint accuracy of geometrical appearance at the same time, this accuracy and tungsten base of electrode low wear away relevant. The Roboform35P equipment of Ryer company matchs with special equipment, can machine carbide with EDM in that way hard metal. Improve line cut the interest to EDM and the special skill in side of wear-resisting tool data, those who make Ryer company will pay close attention to a dot to change line cut plane is fragile on development, this is not admirable. For example, the injection mould of Ryer company and electric coupler of discretion of joint development of Charmilles Technologies company is provided, material is the carbonization tungsten of Ryer company. Through contacting a dot, connector can convey electric energy to go up to the line of EDM equipment. Those who regard development as the project is main square, ryer company also is trying to machine archetypal connector. The cutting in the carbonization tungsten semifinished product after Ryer company uses machine of its cut of Robofil 240 line to machine connector from MIM comes out. Ryer company interior has decided these use brass line to come the connector that cut treatment gets, life is longer. Once affirm the optimal grade of carbonization tungsten, ryer company will make mould of much antrum type of production produce the connector after improving with large quantities of quantities, the machine of Charmilles line cut that this aux will be able to uses at be being mixed newly have quite. After treatment, the surface of the line was experienced in EDM treatment process heat, chemistry and physical change, the line of EDM equipment cannot recycle, must undertake handling so. Equipment of most line cut contains wire cutter, can cut short the line that loses efficiency, deposit in high capacity box. Although cut the operation that the line is not nicety, but the dependability of wire cutter cannot be ignored, it is full automatic another aspect that changes working course. Has used EDM line often is to be able to harden become fragile, accordingly wire cutter will wear away, need to replace. As a result of same reason, metallic inject shapes carbonization tungsten is very comfortable at connector, very comfortable also at wire cutter. The prosperity of EDM from 20 centuries the development of 80 time later period begins, MIM machines a process to become more and more important, because it compares a tradition,make a process more managing. Sanford thinks, more and more design engineers realize its potential, reduce development time for instance, reduce measure and can acquire good workpiece character, this kind of development can continue to continue. "We are extending its scope of application, through development new raw material is mixed use MIM to develop a more methods to machine bigger, longer and more the spare parts of wear-resisting. " he says, "We expect we are add to EDM equipment the application of the demand of ability and new MIM can grow at the same time. "We expect we are add to EDM equipment the application of the demand of ability and new MIM can grow at the same time.. CNC Milling