Dust mark: Energy-saving but utmost controls total cost

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To metallic treatment industry, energy-saving do not mean protective environment merely, will for a long time look, specific power consumption is the critical factor that cost makes, come from certain level say, its affect the investment cost that surmounted a machine tool even. Nowadays, problem of specific power consumption becomes more and more significant, according to society of consumer of German the sources of energy (VEA) investigation, the cost of specific power consumption of business of medium-sized last year industry rose 4.

5% . To offset the influence of this trend, dust mark rolled out two energy-saving type: Laser beam welding of ELC 250 DUO receives system and lathe of Platform 2 vertical, will exhibit meeting and audience to meet in CIMT, they can provide a variety of energy-saving application, farther mining controls the infinite latent capacity of cost. Laser solders: Energy-saving design example after all what technology can reduce these cost that always rising? In applying actually, solder the specific power consumption of the domain is measured especially tall, for this, dust research and development of mark machinery engineer gives ELC 250 DUO, this combination plan can reduce specific power consumption to measure greatly. Because was adopted dust mark is classical design, soldering in the process, workpiece makes main shaft capture by special class, mobile control precision is tall, buy solders inside head stability is strong, president of limited company of automation of German dust mark Dr. Andreas Mootz explains, "The advantage of such designs is very much, be like but will other working flow conformity arrive in the system, can offer high accuracy to solder, still can raise energy-saving efficiency " directly. Exhaust system can be direct will solder the aerosol of generation is sucked, because laser always is shot,be in same a place, aerosol also can arise in this place only, this means a system to inhale produces smoke accurately. -- this calls the first advantage. The graph receives flank bevel gear difference with laser beam welding fast implement on housing. Similar result is fewer the itself of solid laser technology that mark of dust of specific power consumption uses is very energy-saving. Compare with photograph of traditional CO2 laser technology, technology of solid state laser is used to be able to assure huge fractional energy savings in producing a course. Traditional CO2 laser can be achieved only of 8% use efficiency, and dust the technology of mark research and development, efficiency is as high as about 20% . In other words, use up a lot of less the sources of energy to be able to achieve same optical result. The sources of energy that production requires but managing be as high as 50% . The intelligent system design that through allowing a variety of soldering module exchanges easily got this advantage be deepened further, accelerated manufacturing rate thereby, assured crop. All soldering module uses same laser source, if have need, can revise emissive method. In prolong laser service life while, reduced manufacturing cost. Additional, because should solder,the law does not need solder coherent system, improved fractional energy savings and work efficiency further. Dr. Mootz explains, "In a variety of application, solid laser does not need to protect gas, this has profit greatly, can reduce cost, mean faster welder order. "Turning: The expert that optimizes detail dust mark strives to improve the fractional energy savings of turning further with similar approach, "What the model platform that this project issues successful platform " optimized its key is technical component. Among them, optimal case is turning Platform 2, include VL 2, VL 2 P and VT 2-4. The axial construction of these models has each different, but deployed same main shaft and technical module. Begin from phase of research and development, energy-saving namely dust one of consideration factors with the mainest mark. relatively at old money, the series product that uses new platform passes those who introduce whole series to optimize component, assembly parts and software model, specific consumption is reduced be as high as about 47% . To refrigeration system and hydraulic pressure equipment, energy-saving effect is more apparent. Pump of the gearshift in hydraulic pressure system can reduce the specific power consumption in hydraulic pressure loop greatly. Additional, in unit process of cargo bandling, the oil that applied gearshift pump makes hydraulic pressure oily is lukewarm be heated a lower temperature (with application traditional technique photograph is compared) . Insert type to enclose a technology to make an user OK the redundant heat energy that puts the circuit meritorious service in controller board place generation is direct eduction, to Platform 2 series, in energy-saving bag optional and motor IE 3. Dust the Sa of mark dust mark of mark plays general manager of limited company of hertz machine tool ancient much.

Explanation of doctor of black case accept says: "Be in dust mark, energy-saving be become to make a kind of standard. A few relevant component and characteristic product may make investment increases, the user can look circumstance option: It is the inferior cost that start on one hand, it is better energy-saving service on one hand. " but for more efficient, more accurate production, energy-saving equipment always is the rightest choice. Because shorter production is periodic,also can reduce the cost of specific power consumption of every product accordingly. CNC Milling