Axis kind the puissant turning processing technique of the spare parts

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Used only first-rate and most machining engineering technology of economy, ability realizes efficient car produce quite. Old since, schahl company besides use grinding technology beyond, the puissant turning machine tool that still uses Kummer company production undertakes an axis kind the treatment of the spare parts. In racing bicycle of one class equation, every spare parts of cycle racing must be made point-device, only such, the achievement with just can make sure cycle racing runs in the match good. The production of cycle racing component cannot leave well-known Schahl company, this machining plant that is located in German Winterbach with the axis kind the grinding treatment of the spare parts and axis kind quench the puissant turning of the spare parts and famed at the world, they supply gear for car production manufacturer kind, axis kind with diminutive transmission spare parts, these spare partses still can appear in different F1 racing bicycle. Axis kind the expert Schahl company of spare parts grinding and puissant turning offers small-sized axis for F1 equational racing bicycle kind spare parts, it is OK to assure these spare partses the broad user of company of Schahl of job of reliable in F1 racing bicycle ground thinks: The car part that this company supplies not only precision is tall, and the price is reasonable. Nowadays, a lot of production axes kind the enterprise of the spare parts does not take the product quoted price that gives his to have competition ability, but Schahl company has very competitive quoted price however, but before 5 years, the circumstance is not however such, because they had not improved technology in those days, the axis of high accuracy kind what spare parts treatment still uses is grinding craft. Now, the puissant turning machine tool that what they use is Kummer company production implements puissant turning technology. Schahl company decided to introduce puissant turning technology 2001, later, this became them can the main factor of the remain invincible. At that time, in Schahl company the consideration quenchs when puissant turning problem of the axis, the spare parts model that the expert of Kummer company brought them to use puissant turning machine tool to machine, the treatment quality of those spare partses is first-rate, can compare with grinding photograph, and the circularity of turning workpiece compares grinding even not bad. Such result nature satisfied Schahl company to use the premise condition of machine tool of Kummer puissant turning. The outstanding advantage of machine tool of Kummer company puissant turning still includes to machine man-hour efficiency of little, production is tall, can create bigger gain. In the experiment, when the axle sleeve that machines 12mm of 10mm of a diameter, length, if use grinding treatment, needs man-hour is 50s about, and use puissant turning to need 5s only. Although this is planted,special case is minority only in normal production, but in usually machine treatment also can shorten 10% ~ the man-hour of 20% , can economic in the manufacturing process of large quantities of quantities man-hour more canned be imagined. Schahl company uses the spare parts that puissant turning machines to exhibit ark, the device that the company of spare parts NextpageSchahl of spare parts of the engine that has car and equational racing car among them, transmission and tool machine tool, robot gave Kummer company 3 months debugs time, hope Kummer company can improve the tool clamping apparatus of puissant lathe according to the product of Schahl company. In this paragraph of time, kummer company undertook to the accurate lathe K65 of puissant turning many test is improved, final, schahl company bought the puissant turning machine tool of 3 Kummer company, one contains machine tool of the K90 that makings unit leaves on miniature splint puissant turning, two K65 puissant lathe, one is odd axis, one is double axis. 3 lathe began the work at 5 o'clock from in the morning everyday, two orders, work all the time in the evening at 11 o'clock, machine tool rate of load condensate is amounted to 80% . Because the leader of Schahl company sees engineering technology of this one puissant turning still has latent capacity,can dig, bought a new-style belt to have machine tool of the K250 of linear motion slip puissant turning again 2004 so. To can use proper treatment to the product of different user craft undertakes machining, provide first-rate performance/price ratio for the user, schahl company analysed each user carefully seriously order goods contract. Schahl company thinks, the workload that uses grinding in producing a course is more, puissant turning is bigger to working help, for example: When the axis kind the spare parts needs to trouble end panel already, want the circle outside grinding again, when still needing part, grinding need outfit places workpiece 2 ~ 3, and need 1 times to hold clip only after using puissant turning technology can. Processing a rod kind when the length of spare parts aperture is less than of 3 times diameter, puissant turning is very effective, if exceed this one length, use grinding is best. Decide to use what kind of treatment technology, consult besides need besides all sorts of engineering technology files, still need rich practice experience. When workpiece length is 3 times less than of the diameter, use puissant turning the most reasonable, should use grinding to the work efficiency of machine tool of puissant and accurate turning is developed as the further development of CBN cutting cutting tool and rise otherwise. Use this kind of lathe tool, also can realize a hope break bits. The specifications of machine tool of Kummer puissant cutting got sufficient play after using cutting tool of this kind of turning. Because the cutting power of this machine tool is greater, accordingly, the machine tool must have very good tigidity, to raise its integral tigidity, what this machine tool installs on lathe bed is to contain the scroll shift slip that tightens power plant beforehand, tool carrier also is to increase model, what use on the main shaft of the machine tool is static press bearing. The quantity of heat of the generation when the cooling system that provides in puissant cutting machine tool can assure cutting is incorrect be arisen to affect by the intensity of treatment workpiece. The heat engine system that the machine tool provides can assure cutting machine tool the hot condition when the treatment halt of short time won't produce a change. Because the machine tool heats up condition to keep changeless,this is, this are very important. Because the common difference of puissant turning workpiece is very little, the change of any hot condition can be opposite the machine tool the quality that adds workpiece produces an effect. Puissant lathe can undertake the K90Micron that contains next makings orgnaizations on miniature the puissant turning machine tool that the automatic treatment that unmanned value defends uses Kummer company to produce, the condition that Schahl company can produce in large quantities of quantities issues the public errand that assures H5 class to cooperate. the puissant turning that uses Kummer firm machines machine tool turning to finish the atomizer that for instance the place of client of manufacturer of a car of Schahl company needs, its public errand is 3 μ M only. Company of finite liability of Schahl of Schahl company brief introduction at founding 15 years ago, at that time, this company basically undertakes an axis kind the grinding treatment of the spare parts. Today, schahl company has become the public figure inside course of study's established expert in respect of puissant turning engineering technology. The small-sized rod that the client that this company differs for 240 at present produces all sorts of types kind spare parts, have the part that BMW and place of racing bicycle of Mercedes1 class equation use among them. Schahl company receives sheet not only manufacturing order, also receive crop to be 60 thousand big batch order. The machine treatment of this company sets the grinding machine that the company such as stock Studer, Jung, Mayford, Fortuna, Kellenberger produces, still have the Kummer puissant lathe that introduced 2001. CNC Milling