Roller slideway decides the quality of linear electric machinery

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Uses roller guide also is met and a function to linear electromotor and quality are removing other factor joint decisive action. A challenge that Etel company encounters when developing linear actuating device should make a kind of such oriented device namely, make the magnetic orbit of actuating device wants direct conformity to go in the profile of slideway. Accordingly, he and Franke company developed linear actuating device together. Linear electric machinery is replaced increasingly in industrial application contain easy wear away the actuating device of mechanical drive disk assembly. They can offer very high rate and acceleration, very good adjustment the location with exact precision. The advantage of linear electromotor depends on, furnishs electric energy can be changed into linear motion directly, do not need any at torsion using that change mechanical intermediate element completely. Graph the rigid structure to linear slideway put forward the acceleration that place of 1 linear electric machinery achieves very high demand is linear the applied field of electric machinery is very extensive, include medical treatment technology, optical, electron, textile industry, machinery to make, assemble and unassemble carry reach the industry that pack to wait a moment. For example, the demand of the process of the production of electronic structure component and treatment is very high: Dimension is 1mm × 0.

The electronic component of 5mm must with very tall precision and insert the security of outfit to have fixed position. The operation cycle time that holds automatic unit is inserted to often be less than in electronic industry 0.

5s, actuating device must achieve the fixed position precision of 5 μ M to achieve very high acceleration cost at the same time. The acceleration that uses linear electric machinery particularly this kind high to inflexible demand to be able to be achieved is opposite again the rigid structure of linear slideway raised very tall requirement (graph 1) . Linear electric machinery can produce the axial power of very tall endurance in the operation. Oriented device must draw the strength of appears 3000N. Because this is in the locomotive application of tall trends (Pick-and Place) the requirement should have weight light, tigidity is tall and solid mechanical and oriented device. Graph the linear electric machinery of structure of 2 special type agrees with fast dynamic movement applies in addition, still ask linear electric machinery has very long service life. Ask linear slideway wants to be able to run 20000km above. Because change,do not allow component or calibration creates stop work and produce costly maintenance and the circumstance that repair charge to appear again. Oriented system must reduce maintenance during whole service life or do not need to maintain and move cleanly. During the operation, as a result of the reason of high temperature and tall trends, cannot allow lubricant has the phenomenon that spill over to appear with any impurity. Must have between macrobian life and maintenance cycle first-rate is coordinated and cooperate. The mechanical efficiency of the linear system of direct drive wants far outclass to rotate the system of drive. In system of linear electric machinery, the mechanical component with essential only is linear slideway. The quality that directs device wants mobile part accordingly should maintain as far as possible small. Ask the quality of linear slideway wants little reason to depend on additionally, the adjustment to linear electric machinery can produce moves quality to be affected directly. It is to the requirement of linear slideway: Fixed position precision is tall, do not want maintenance, service life long, moving noise quality of low, slideway small, acceleration and speed are advanced etc. In addition, its economy also is close friends. Etel company gives the linear actuating device that satisfies these requirements for development, must want to find a kind of suitable slideway. The challenge that faces in this job is: The magnetic orbit of actuating device wants direct conformity to go in the profile of slideway. For the user company of custom-built Franke of aluminous roller slideway asks to satisfy these and development went to be the aluminous roller slideway with custom-built user. Aluminous roller slideway has all sorts of norms model to supply, chose to be the model of the FEH series of the aluminous profile with custom-built user to afore-mentioned applying. The profile that used special type and special type roller are oriented board, they have the slideway appearance outline that apply for this and adjusts. The magnetic orbit of linear electric machinery and measured systematic conformity to arrive in the aluminous profile of linear slideway. The design bears the weight of the roller with very high coefficient directs in roller board in show amlposition of 90 ° horn to put, undertake propping up with the geometrical appearance 4 o'clock. Accordingly, can draw the strength of same size from all direction, also include the very high axial power of linear electric machinery. The roller with design larger size can have rapidder starting response rate, safety and even ground are oriented. The locomotive application to tall trends (Pick-and Place) , special type slideway (graph 2) run those who realize a need accurately to repeat precision as a result of what its define. During aluminous roller slideway had whole life lubricant, do not need to undertake complementing lubricating again, can satisfy the requirement that does not need maintenance. The roller that takes outer garment can prevent the pollution of lubricant. According to manufacturer introduction, whole system is lifelong do not need to maintain. Linear slideway is in bear the weight of the speed below the circumstance can amount to 10m/s, acceleration can amount to 40m/s2. The motion that produces in industrial production is linear motion partly greatly very. A few material need to carry another machine from a machine, component needs to be between each working station of a machine or device interior move back and forth. On a few component and binder need mount or Tu Fu, the bag that pack wants fill stock and heal. Use linear electric machinery to be able to give stylist people offer the whole program that settles these working jobs. Forecast according to the analysis, market of linear electric machinery will rise 1 2008 from the 47 million euro 2001.

400 million euro, among them Germany owns major market share. CNC Milling