Shaanxi saves business development to develop project of green illume environmental protection

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Come nearly two years, association of Shaanxi province entrepreneur saves cartel of imports and exports jointly the Qin Dynasty of meeting, Shaanxi is changed via numerical control of heat of kiln of machine tool industry transform limited company, attach most importance to a dot with industrial business, big thrust is wide carry out " project of Chinese green illume " , come two years, be in early or late limited company of group of Electromechanical of east of factory of treasure chicken machine tool, Xi'an, lengthen king of day of oil deposit management board, Shaanxi to promote trade group limited company to wait for more than 20 large and medium-sized environmental protection of illume of company promotion green is energy-saving the lamp more than 20 thousand (set) , obtained favorable social beneficial result and economic benefits, annual but section report 1.16 million kilowatt. "Project of Chinese green illume " it is a project of energy-saving environmental protection that is helpful for can developing continuously. Use lamp of natrium of the lamp of energy-saving environmental protection that accords with requirement of project of Chinese green illume, efficient fluorescent lamp, high pressure and metallic halide the lamp of high strenth gas discharge such as the lamp, and equipment of the efficient illumination luminaries and electric equipment accessory, control that move light, rate of report of incandescent lamp, more mercuric than using lamp, T12 fluorescent the Lantern Festival amounts to 50 % to come 80 % , decreased to use the environmental pollution that incandescent lamp, mercuric lamp, T12 fluorescent lamp causes. Because the environmental protection on the market is energy-saving lamp quality is uneven, the fault when some enterprises buy energy-saving lamp bought inferior product, use time is short, easy attaint, section report not section money. To put an end to this one problem, the environmental protection with high grade famous brand of choice of association of Shaanxi province entrepreneur is energy-saving the lamp, the method that uses contract government assures quality, inside a year bag of occurrence quality problem is changed, let an enterprise be at ease. CNC Milling