Ultraviolet laser is in printed circuit board the application that go up

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Laser light beam is mechanical printed circuit normally board treatment offers low pressure to replace a method, be like milling or automatic circuit board cut. But ultraviolet laser has the profit that place does not have other laser, can restrict thermal stress namely. Because great majority is ultraviolet,this is laser system moves below low power position. Be called sometimes through using " cold melt " craft, ultraviolet the beam of light of laser can produce a contractible heat to affect an area, can the influence of treatment of will strong predestined relationship, carbonization and other thermal stress falls to lowest, and the laser that uses higher power can be put in these negative effects normally. Ultraviolet the wavelengh of laser is shorter than visible light wavelengh, because this naked eye is sightless. Although you cannot see these stimulate beam of light, but it is these shortwave let ultraviolet laser can accurately focusing, it is thereby while the circuit with extremely careful generation is characteristic, still can maintain admirable fixed position precision. Besides wave accident, workpiece temperature is inferior outside, the high-energy photon that exists in ultraviolet ray lets ultraviolet laser is able to apply at large PCB circuit board combination, arrive from the standard material such as FR4 composite material of high frequency pottery and porcelain and include to get together acyl inferior amine inside flexible all sorts of material such as PCB material are applicable. Graph 1 medium chart showed 3 kinds of common PCB material are in the absorptivity below action of 6 kinds of different laser. Include to follow molecular laser in these 6 kinds of laser (wavelengh is 248 Nm) , infra-red laser (wavelengh is 1064 Nm) , with laser of two kinds of CO2 (wavelengh is respectively 9.

4 μ M and 10.

6 μ M) . Ultraviolet laser (Nd:YAG, wavelengh is 355nm) it is a kind of laser that agrees infrequently in the absorptivity in 3 kinds of material. Ultraviolet laser application showed extremely tall absorptivity at colophony and copper, there also is proper absorptivity when machining glass. The accurate element laser with only high price (wavelengh 248nm) just can get better comprehensive absorptivity when processing these main data. The otherness of this one material makes ultraviolet the optimal choice that laser made all sorts of PCB material in domain of a lot of industry apply, from production the basiccest circuit board, circuit wiring, to production pocket model embedded the advanced technology such as chip is current. Ultraviolet laser system arrives from CAD data directly machine circuit board, mean circuit board does not need any bagman in manufacturing process. Plus accurate focusing ability of ultraviolet ray, make ultraviolet laser system can implement the plan that has character extremely, repeat fixed position. Apply 1: The surface etchs / circuit production is ultraviolet the job when laser is producing circuit is rapid, several minutes can etch exterior design it is on circuit board. This makes ultraviolet the swiftest method that laser makes manufacturing PCB sample. Branch of research and development notices, more and more sample labs are deploying interior ultraviolet laser system. Rely on telescope calibrating, ultraviolet the size of laser light beam can achieve 10-20 μ M, produce thereby flexible circuit trace. Graph the largest dominant position that 2 medium application indicate to ultraviolet ray is producing circuit trace field, circuit trace is extremely tiny, need just can see below microscope. This one circuit board dimension is 0.

75 inches of × 0.

5 inches, by an agglomeration pottery and porcelain base piece with tungsten / nickel / copper / exterior composition. Laser can produce the circuit trace of 2mils, span is 1mil, make thereby whole span is 3mils only. Although use laser light beam to produce circuit,be the method with PCB the swiftest sample, but large-scale undertake the surface etchs application had better leave chemical craft. Apply 2: Of PCB disassemble ultraviolet laser cut to large or small-sized production it is choice of a first-rate, at the same time to PCB disassemble, the circuit that needs to use Yu Rou sex or firm soft band especially board a right choice also is when going up. Disassembling is will individual circuit board moves from panel except, increase flexibly ceaselessly considering material, this kind disassembles face very big challenge with respect to meeting. V chamfer cut and automatic circuit board the machinery such as cut disassembles the method injures the substrate with acute and small a rope for towing a boat easily, make a service to electronic major (EMS) the enterprise is disassembling flexible He Gangrou is united in wedlock the trouble is brought when circuit board. Ultraviolet laser cut can be eliminated not only machine in strong predestined relationship, be out of shape and injure circuit element to wait disassemble the influence of the mechanical stress of the generation in the process, influence of thermal stress of the generation when be like the other laser such as CO2 laser cut to disassemble than application at the same time wants a few less. Nextpage pursues 3 revealed use CO2 laser (the picture is different) and ultraviolet laser (the graph is right) right same flexible matrix (get together acyl inferior amine) have cut. The CO2 laser of use high temperature is more ultraviolet than using the char of laser and effect of treatment developing a predestined relationship are a lot of bigger, the place before be like is narrated, ultraviolet laser has an advantage on cold melt craft. "Cut cushion rubber " decrease can save a space, this means component to be able to be placed in more the position that stands by circuit brim, every can install more line on circuit board together, efficiency promotion arrives highest, achieve thereby flexible the biggest limit of circuit application. Apply 3: Bore is used additionally one kind ultraviolet laser is small-sized the application of dimension of beam of light and low stress attribute is bore, include perforative aperture, small hole and blind to bury aperture. Ultraviolet laser system passes focusing perpendicular beam directly cut penetrates substrate comes bore. According to uses data, can get small the aperture to 10 μ M. Ultraviolet laser is undertaking multilayer when bore particularly useful. Multilayer PCB use composite material is entered together via heating up Die Casting. These are so called " half solidify " can produce depart, after using the laser with higher temperature to machine especially. But, ultraviolet laser is opposite for the attribute of stress-free solved this one problem, if pursue,4 are shown. In graphic representation cross section, of a 14 Mil multilayer board go up the hole that drills a diameter to be 4mil. This is in flexible get together acyl inferior the application on substrate of amine copper facing, showed to depart did not appear between the layer each. About ultraviolet attribute of laser low stress, it is a bit more important to still have: Improved n data. N is move from a panel the can use circuit board percentage that remove. In production process, a lot of circumstances can cause the damage of circuit board, component of the solder feature that includes to rupture, cracked or statified. Either is planted the element can bring about circuit board be lost to enter ash-bin and rather than to enter carriage case on product line. Apply 4: Deepness sculpture is revealed additionally one kind ultraviolet the application of laser versatility is deepness sculpture, this includes a variety of forms. Use the software control of laser system, set of laser light beam undertakes controlled melt, can need deepness to have cut on some material according to place namely, in change direction additionally one kind of deepness and before beginning another job, can stop, the treatment that continue and completes place to need. All sorts of deepness application include: The small-sized production that uses when built-in chip and will organic material move from metallic surface metallic appearance is abrade. Ultraviolet laser is OK still undertake on substrate much measure is operated. On polyethylene material, the first pace is the groove that produces a deepness to be 2mils with laser, the 2nd pace is the groove that produces 8mils on the foundation of on one pace, the 3rd pace is the groove of 10mils. This specification is ultraviolet the integral user that laser system place provides controls a function. Conclusion: A kind of all-purpose method is ultraviolet laser is most eye-catching is to be able to use single step to complete afore-mentioned all application. What do this mean to making circuit board? People needs to use the technology that produces an effect at the same time and method to complete some application on different equipment no longer, and need treatment to be able to acquire complete part only. This one clipper-built producer proposal conduces to the quality of the generation when eliminating circuit board to be changed between different technological process controlling a problem. Ultraviolet ray also means the treatment after needing to undertake to clean without drossy melt character. CNC Milling