Equestrian Persia company rolls out 3 to be tasted newly

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In machine tool of international of the 10th Beijing equipment is exhibited on, manufacturing workshop electron is online company of Persia of famous manufacturer horse is in the world of testing system to taste the 3 gauge computer that they rolled out on the news briefing newly new product. Maliaodantongniao of president of division of China of company of the Persia that occupy a horse introduces, OTS30(is new-style and infra-red transmit pair of knives to measure a head) the Mida series product that rolls out as equestrian Persia company, basically be measured with the work that cuts a machine tool at gold and be opposite knife, OTS30 deserves to have a variety of measuring first. Measure repeat precision for 0.

5 μ can undertake detecting automatically when workpiece is machined, compensation. This product uses infrared ray to serve as its and outside communication means, effective work space is 3.

5 meters, its infrared ray launchs angle to be 360 ° , autodyne limits is 120 ° . The 3DSI that is Mida series product together is three-dimensional measure software to apply to curved surface, larger part, metamorphic larger part be in machine measurement unit. Can read in CAD, support 10 kinds of output forms that measure a report, and with a few more current system of mainstream numerical control (Xi Menzi, Fanake) compatible. Its fittings price is equivalent to software price 1/3 to 1/4. And MERLIN can measure the computer for standard product provide hardware and software, can manage measuring instrument of 16 inductor / . The conventional device inside interface of the USB that can have through its, RS232 perhaps uses blue tooth equipment to collect data. The user can show through chart in the spot, calculator of data depart, component, data is transmitted wait for means to undertake basic data is analysed. Its defend grade is IP65, the OK at needing to undertake dimension and geometry detect applying that reach the industry that basic statistic analyses. CNC Milling