Brief introduction of diamond material cutting tool

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The diamond material that can make cutting cutting tool has way of deposit of diamond of diamond of natural single crystal, man-made single crystal, chemical gas phase (CVD) diamond thick film, man-made gets together brilliant diamond is compound piece etc. 1, diamond of natural single crystal is natural the monocrystal that single crystal diamond is a kind of anisotropy. Hardness amounts to HV9000-10000, it is the best material in nature. Wearability of this kind of material is wonderful, make cutting tool can maintain the stability of dimension for long in cutting, have very long cutting tool life so. Point of natural diamond cutting tool can be machined extremely sharp. Can use at making ophthalmology and neurosurgery scalpel; Can use at treatment invisible the curved surface of glasses; Can use at cut light to guide fibre glass; Use at machining the decorative pattern of jewelry of gold, platinum; The mainest use depends on nonferrous metal of high speed superfinishing and its alloy. Be like aluminous, gold, cling to copper of family name alloy, Beryllium, red copper. With the superfinishing cutting tool that natural diamond makes part of circular arc of its point of a knife is below 400 times microscope observation is flawless, use at machining drum of illuminator of illuminator of aluminium alloy polyhedron, laser of the copper that do not have oxygen, gyroscope, videocorder to wait. Expressional surface roughness can achieve Ra(0.


025) μ M. Tenacity of natural diamond material is very poor, bending strength is very low, it is only (0.


5)Gpa. Thermal stability is poor, temperature achieves 700 ℃ - hardness can be lost when 800 ℃ . Temperature is met again high carbonization. Additional, the affinity of it and iron is very strong, general and unwell at processing iron and steel. 2, diamond of single crystal of man-made of diamond of man-made single crystal regards cutting tool as material, what can buy on the market is current have Daibiersi (the material of diamond of industrial level single crystal that DE-BEERS) produces. Hardness of this kind of material inferiors slightly at natural diamond. Other performance equallies matched with natural diamond. Because pass prefabricate, its cleavage direction and dimension become can accuse and unite. As the development of technology of high temperature high pressure, the largest size can have accomplished diamond of man-made single crystal 8mm. Because this kind of material has,mix relative to better consistency inferior value, be noticed extensively so. As the new material that replaces natural diamond, the application of diamond of man-made single crystal will have great progress. 3, man-made gets together brilliant diamond man-made gets together brilliant diamond (PCD) is the polycrystal material that diamond small pink adds solvent group and becomes below high temperature high pressure. Make the integral circle that is matrix with hard alloy usually piece, call get together brilliant diamond is compound piece. Differ according to the ply of diamond matrix, compound piece have 1.

6mm, 3.

2mm, 4.

The different specifications such as 8mm. And get together the ply of brilliant diamond is in commonly 0.

5mm left and right sides. Current, the PCD diameter that home produces has achieved 19mm, and abroad if GE company is the biggest compound piece the diameter has accomplished 58mm, daibiersi company more achieved 74mm. The knife head that cuts different measurement and angle according to making the need of cutting tool can use laser or line cut, make lathe tool, boring cutter, milling cutter wait. The hardness of PCD is lower than natural diamond (HV6000 controls) , but bending strength is a lot of higher than natural diamond. Additional, through adjusting the granuality of diamond small pink and chroma, make the mechanical physics function of PCD goods produces a change, in order to get used to different capable person the need of environment of qualitative, different treatment, offerred multiple choice for cutting tool user. PCD cutting tool compares natural diamond fight concussion and aseismatic function tower above a lot of. Compare with hard alloy photograph, 3-4 of hardness tower above times; Tall 50-100 of wearability and life times; Cutting rate can rise 5-20 times; Surface roughness can achieve Ra0.

05 μ M. Precision of tall, treatment stabilizes cutting efficiency. PCD is the same as natural diamond same, do not suit to machine steel and cast-iron. This kind of cutting tool basically is used at processing nonferrous metal and metalloid data, be like: Aluminous, copper, zinc, gold, silver-colored, platinum reachs its alloy, still have pottery and porcelain, carbon fiber, balata, plastic etc. The another great merit of PCD can be treatment lumber and stone material. PCD cutting tool suits to machine tall silicon aluminium alloy particularly, because this is in industry of car, aviation, electron, shipping,received wide application. 4, thick film of diamond of CVD of CVD diamond film is the diamond material that legal system of deposit of a kind of chemical gas phase becomes. Regard cutting tool material as PCD of its hardness prep above. Because do not contain metallic bond, have very high heat so conductivity and fight function of high temperature oxidation. But, the CVD material tenacity that produces at present is poorer, it cannot undertake with the means of line cut cut is machined, use on the limitation with got certain. What because was not cut,grind is directional, the craft sex that grinds treatment is poorer, grind an elephant extremely hard the point with natural diamond and euqally sharp diamond of man-made single crystal. Use as cutting cutting tool still be in experiment phase, remain to study further and be developed. CNC Milling