Face what helix chamfer machines to electroanalysis numerical control of tool grinding machine changes reproducing technology research

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Summary: Electroanalysis in the light of the part tool grinding machine because the current situation with onefold and unused function, put forward numerical control to change reproducing train of thought and plan. Pass pair of drive disk assembly design again, and the development of system of special numerical control that is based on a PC, reproducing is the grinding machine of tool of special numerical control that faces helix chamfer treatment. Actual application makes clear, the grinder after reproducing can undertake the grinding of all sorts of helix chamfer is machined, treatment efficiency and precision have than common grinding means bigger rise, and reproducing resource is managing the effect is apparent. Current, when production industry of our country most tool is machining helix chamfer, use diamond emery wheel to undertake grinding other method on horizontal grinder commonly, use grinder of special numerical control lesser to machine chamfer of helix of hard alloy cutting tool, machine effect to lead low, precision not only surface roughness of surface of chamfer of not tall, helix is poor, and finished cost is higher also. Method of better hard alloy treatment should is electroanalysis grinding. Current, common tool industry has a few to often electroanalysis oldly tool grinding machine, electrify of the D2625C that 70 time produce as above century general sees tool grinding machine, but because onefold and the function is long unused, create resources waste. If can be opposite this kind to often electroanalysis oldly,tool grinding machine undertakes numerical control changes a function to promote, can solve helix chamfer effectively to machine a problem already, can use resource effectively again, implementation electroanalysises the green of tool grinding machine changes reproducing. The article is with grinding machine of tool of solution of electrify of D2625 C general exemple, the numerical control that discusses tool grinding machine changes reproducing to promote a technology. Grinding machine of tool of solution of electrify of D2625C of design of 1 overall program general includes parts of following a few motion: The fore-and-aft and mobile orgnaization of workbench, the transverse and mobile orgnaization of workbench, wheelhead (emery wheel) litre fall athletic orgnaization, the roll of workpiece and dividing movement orgnaization, electroanalysis grinding part. To realize helix chamfer to electroanalysis grinding machines craft, reproducing system is overall plan is as follows. Machine tool lathe bed and electroanalysis the performance such as grinding part is better, give reservation (cast as a result of what lathe bed is ponderosity, accordingly, the managing effect such as the raw material of reproducing plan, the sources of energy is apparent) . Machine tool reproducing charges a machine tool for 2 axes half the number, add A axis newly namely (workpiece roll and graduation) , and A axis and X axis (the fore-and-aft shift of workbench) linkage, z axis (wheelhead rises fall) intermittent feed. Transverse and mobile orgnaization still maintains workbench original structure, basically use at the hand to move pair of knives. The system of special numerical control that the design is based on PC and corresponding electronic-controlled ark, former electronic-controlled ark is used at controlling emery wheel electromotor, electroanalysis electromotor, cooling pump motor, do not make alter. Redesign the transmission system of primary machine tool, in order to raise the control precision of numerical control system. The helix groove that does not set diameter and range of formulary helix angle to can be ground and reduce drive electromotor torque, the reducer of high accuracy increases in A axis, Z axis. 2 drive disk assembly are designed again 2.

Of the body drive disk assembly that 1 drive disk assembly designs again design again basically include: X axis main transfer machinery, z axis main transfer machinery, reducer design. Graph the direction of 1 axis of X of X axis slideway after transforming: On primary machine tool, the shift between next workbench comes true through gear rack orgnaization, athletic gap is big, slideway of axis of the X after transforming is shown 1 times like the graph. Z axis: Move for wheelhead hand formerly litre fall, handle drives worm wheel worm through gear deputy, again company of transmission ball silk, make round slideway moves up and down, drive wheelhead orgnaization to move up and down thereby. Transform deputy drive of worm of worm wheel of plan lieutenant general to change accurate positive drive, reservation surmounts clutch, change new ball silk company, use transmission comparing to be of 1 etc fast positive drive will transfer power. 2.

2 decelerate ask according to the function than be being decided really, need to move in order to realize helix to A axis decelerate, enter the torque of electromotor in order to increase a pace to Z axis decelerate. What A axis decelerate discusses to compare below is affirmatory. Graph the lead scope that the 1 X axis slideway after transforming defines helix chamfer above all. The computational formula of lead is: β of S= π Dcost (in 1) type: S is helix lead; D is workpiece diameter; β is helix angle. From type (1) can see, workpiece diameter is bigger, helix angle is smaller, lead is bigger. According to the enterprise actual condition, when D takes 6 ° for 30mm, β , =896 of ° of Cot6 of π of S1=30 of the biggest lead.

25mm. Manage together, when D takes 45 ° for 3mm, β , the smallest lead: =9 of ° of S2=3 π Cot45.

42mm. V=22 of speed of workbench lowest shift.

4mm/min, n=0 of workpiece lowest rotate speed.

05r/min, p=4mm of pitch of guide screw of X axis ball. Become when lead is the biggest, workpiece rotates 1 turn, workbench shift is apart from for 896.

25mm, x axis electromotor needs to rotate R1=S1/P=896.

25/4=224r, criterion the rotate speed of X axis electromotor and A axis electromotor is compared for 224. When lead most hour, workpiece rotates 1 turn, workbench shift is apart from for 9.

42mm, x axis electromotor needs to rotate R2=S2/P=9.


355r, criterion the rotate speed of X axis electromotor and A axis electromotor is than making an appointment with 2.

4. Visible, the rotate speed of X axis electromotor and A axis electromotor is too bigger than limits, must increase decelerate orgnaization, and decelerate is compared cannot too small. When the biggest lead, workbench is T=S1/V=896 with what time needing when lowermost rate is floating.


4=40min. According to the linkage requirement of X axis and A axis, when N=0 of workpiece rotate speed.

05r/min, criterion rotate speed of A axis electromotor is Na=i × N=0.

05i R/ Min, the I in type is decelerate to compare. The quadrature frequency character that takes electromotor according to the pace is knowable, its rotate speed cannot be obtained too small, if take I for 40, criterion the least rotate speed of A axis electromotor is 2r/ Min, can satisfy real requirement. The decelerate of axis of final affirmatory A is compared for 40. Graph graph of architecture of system of 2 special numerical control pursues 3 programs basically control flow chart development of system of 3 special numerical control is interface of treatment of system of 4 grinder CNC Machining make worker operation handy, reduce operation error, machine craft requirement according to helix chamfer, design system of appropriative numerical control, and wheelhead timing, electroanalysis pump is opened stop, suck fan to open stop wait for a movement to undertake be controllinged integratedly. Architecture of system of special numerical control is shown 2 times like the graph, hardware part is industry card of control of control machine, sport and I/O get stuck, the system is core with be based on the numerical control software of the Windows system of the PC, the hand that finish uses face plate report of status of explanation of control, instruction, machine tool and athletic control. 3.

Main program of numerical control of design of 1 main program is the core of whole system, be in charge of machining the function such as coding of behavioral control, data, be based on VC++ language, use compositive change, modular design train of thought undertakes developing. If the graph is shown 3 times,the program basically controls flow. The main function of implementation is as follows. Treatment code generates automatically: Number of the lead that the user inputs workpiece in machining parameter to install, diameter, length, chamfer, chamfer after the parameter such as speed of deep, treatment, the system makes a corresponding treatment file automatically. Machine automatically: Translate the code in processing a document into control instruction one by one, send motion to control card, control a machine tool the linkage of each axis. The graph emulates: Include online with from the line two kinds, online when emulating, can show the current condition of workpiece, if machine,wait to buy of the a fewth chamfer, arenaceous position of wheel. When be being emulated from the line, can beforehand the treatment with effective imitate consults with offerring orderly. The hand uses control: The hand that goes up through the machine tool moves pushbutton to control the movement of each axis, use at adjusting the circumstance of machine tool position to the need such as the knife. 3.

Graph of 2 man-machine interface shows the man-machine interface that is system of grinder numerical control 4 times. "Navigation " a characteristic that the function is a system, but according to the process of behavioral prejudge follow-up with current handlers, give out relevant clew information, the use of big big convenient handlers. The numerical control that 4 epilogue reproducing gives electroanalysises tool grinding machine already aborning gets applied, open groovy treatment with what wait for cutting tool at the broach of all sorts of helix structures, milling cutter, reamer, machine the helix slot that gave qualification. Manufacturing application makes clear: Resource of reproducing of tool grinding machine is managing the effect is apparent, and dish lived the enterprise puts quantity capital fund. The grinder after reproducing machines precision with numerical control system good, efficiency is tall, use go to the lavatory simply. What narrate successful experience, can be in other kind of application in machine tool reproducing, special to special machine tool, the effect is more apparent. CNC Milling