Conduce to the facility of instrument of large scale computer that enlarges productivity

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The fact makes clear, 3 coordinate measure the vertical that comes from Carl Zeiss machine (CMM) the large boring milling machine with 4 G&L company machined component of many wind- driven turbogenerator to have crucial effect to 3-M company. 2008, 3-M company (be located in Mixiegen city) in receive the first sheet to enlarge wind-force to generate electricity when the treatment of equipment component produces a contract, increase necessary investment with respect to the decision, throw in this burgeoning industry with brand-new attitude. Of the same age, this company purchased a 43000ft2 (1ft=304.

8mm) professional manufacturer, deployed enough large mechanical facility, use at machining element of the largest wind- driven turbogenerator. These treatment facilities include 4 G&L company (be located in a Wisconsin) milling machine of large horizontal boring, and company of a Carl Zeiss (be located in a Minnesota) metric equipment, the perpendicular work with measurable expensive 3m. The fact makes clear, these equipment not only company of OK and contented 3-M's original treatment mission, still can attract additional business. In this treatment task of 3-M company, by company of Clipper of manufacturer of wind- driven turbogenerator (be located in California city) machine housing of large gear case and forehead crust for its. What these housing become independent by 3 is cast-iron a composition, its amount to 10ft highly, weight amounts to several pounds. The first pace of production is to be opposite each to cast undertakes rough machining and have precision work to coordinating a side, can ensure these 3 cast can cooperate cheek by jowl together so, next 0.

The material surplus of 7mm is excised from the housing that has assembled. Graph the gear gear-box housing with a 1 tall 10ft, the MMZ-G that is in 3-M company CMM is measured undertake examining finally on machine to prevent spare parts warpage, withhold on crucial surface and aperture a few material surplus is very important, the explanation of president Mr Michael Medwid of 3-M company says. Foundry technology may be brought to material microscopical stress, although can pass machine treatment to eliminate its, but can make the spare parts appears warp phenomenon, for the large part that this kind of phenomenon excises a large number of material to need, can produce special problem. 3-M company assembles case of large and wind- driven turbogenerator before finish machining, can let these stress keep clear of beforehand, do not need to cooperate in the slam the door is accurate calibration between cast. "The major aperture between cast is detached, that is to say half aperture is in on a cast, aperture of other in part is on another cast. The public errand between them is too accurate really, the case that because this cannot be in,did not assemble falls to have precision work to its. " Mr Medwid says. Before this company is investing the productivity that enlarges large part, inside the working area that its machine equipment or measures equipment, cannot accommodate the housing after assembling at all. Can offerring chosen means exclusively is 3 cast two medium are assembled together undertake machine and examining, next will among them one is torn open from assembly parts come down, assemble together with the 3rd cast again, repeat this to machine craft. "We must measure this component in boring milling machine and CMM every time carry back and forth on machine, " Mr Medwid memory says, "The most important is, we must lay this package in CMM to measure undertake metrical on machine, next again its erect rise, put the treatment on boring milling machine. This is a headachy thing really. " when the contract asks every month machines a few housing only, this one craft is enough already the need that handles workload, but new distensible contract asks every month machines 16 housing however. From treatment the respect considers, a PT 1800 that 3-M company thinks to be introduced from G&L company with milling machine of boring of 3 RT 1600 horizontal, can satisfy the requirement of its dimension and process capability. The characteristic of milling machine of PT 1800 boring is: The journey of its X, Y, W and Z axis is 3600mm, 3600mm, 2000mm and 1250mm respectively, plus the workbench of 3600mm of a 1800mm × . The bulk summary of RT1600 boring milling machine is a few smaller, the route of X and Y axis is same, but the journey of W and Z axis is 1500mm and 1250mm respectively. The fast and floating rate of all machine tools all is 25000mm/min, deserve to have 120 knives the device that change a knife, limits of main shaft rotate speed is 1~3500r/min, and have 7500N.

Of M constant torsion. Graph 2 MMZ-G measure the giant gold probe of machine to be able to suit be as long as the bougie of 800mm, heavy 600g, and can undertake to front housing CMM is measured metrical mood of MMZ-G dragon door deep machine the gear gear-box case that also suits to be used at measuring to had been assembled completely very much. Should measure machine is OK measure the work with expensive 3m, stay enough space is used at measuring erect housing, the length on its X axis and Y axis direction is 4m and 6m respectively. Its giant gold probe can use bougie scanning, its length amounts to 800mm, weight is 600g, can survey front case deep. In addition, the measurement of probe speed can amount to 300 a little bit / S, have the function that prevents collision protection on each movement way. Quality government manager Mr Mike Gray of 3-M company says, he is very admiring should measure the Calypso software of machine, because it simplified process designing means. "You can be checked in a window and change form of probe, clearance group, time shrink be apart from and a lot of other settings. Its alter the ability that sets a value on whole group function immediately, can save more time, can help any mistakes of the existence in checking an order, even if measuring a part on machine. " Mr Medwid says, when investment purchases new facility, their look just is not stared at go up in a contract, be in the following inside a few years of time, its invest to already paid off. His after-thought rises when 2010, two employee that come from ZF company visited their workshop, postmortem the ability that its produce prototype of gear gear-box housing. "After two hours, they called up their boss, and ended look around, because they had found their new supplier. Because they had found their new supplier.. CNC Milling