The HSF of Helical Solution LLC

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The HSF-7 that company of Helical Solution LLC develops 7 chamfer establish milling cutter to be able to use the precision work of Yu Gang and special alloy material. This kind of milling cutter was used inferior material of cutting tool of micron grain hard alloy (can besmear Fu TiCN or AlTiN coating) design with chamfer of great spire knife, the circumferential milling that can realize high speed, big feed, brae milling and helix interpolation milling. According to saying, the treatment efficiency of this milling cutter can establish milling cutter to rise than 4 chamfer 75% , establish milling cutter to rise than 5 chamfer 40% . The diametical limits of this milling cutter is 1/4 ″ - 11/4 ″ (6.

35 - 31.

75mm) , cent is short model, common model, in long model, long model with lengthen model. CNC Milling